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Sandwich Generation- Protect Yourself Legally


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Kim Battaglia, Esq., discusses legal issues the sandwich generation may face, including navigating the medicaid/medicare world.

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Sandwich Generation- Protect Yourself Legally

  1. 1. Kimberly L. Battaglia, Esquire
  2. 2.  Home Real Estate Bank Accounts Stocks/Bonds Life Insurance Policies Pension Retirement Accounts Inheritances
  3. 3.  Titling Use of trusts Adding Joint Owners
  4. 4.  Power of Attorney Advanced Healthcare Directives Wills › Simple › Complex
  5. 5.  Schedule an initial meeting › All contact information is in packet Meeting › Usually lasts about 2 hours and is comprehensive and informational › Fee Legal Work Completed Follow-up Meeting
  6. 6. Kimberly L. Battaglia,