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  1. 1. Welcome To the<br />About 30,000 websites are placed on the Internet per week. 95% will never make any money!<br />Are YOU Ready?<br />
  2. 2. Well you have a website created. Now what? You need someone to see it. Would you lease or buy a new store and not advertise in some manner? Most people would place a sign on their store front. <br />Tell everyone they know, advertise,… However, most website owners won’t do that. They build their website and hope someone will visit it. That is a plan for failure. As with any successful business you must promote you product. Our service is the most effective way to generate a consistent flood of relevant visitors to your site-every day, every week, and every year! Discover the best website promotional service.How can we be so sure. We use the service ourselves!<br />The Website Promoters<br />
  3. 3. 1. You need a product, information or a service that people want or need<br />2. Your website must capture their attention in 10 seconds<br />3. Prospects-without them nothing happens.We will take care of the number 3!<br />There are 3 things a website needs to be successful<br />
  4. 4. If you are new to online marketing, you will most likely try a variety of things to bring people to you website trial and error. This can be costly and ineffective. If you are seasoned and have no been successful at marketing, we can help you.All marketer should use and effective efficient campaign that has been proven to work. We are here to jump start your marketing campaign and assist you in achieving the results you need.<br />
  5. 5. You may be working hard, but are you working smart! Most marketers spend weeks, months or more generating a small fraction of people to view their website. Our clients follow our advice and then we generate consistent visitors to their website! I’m not talking about some unproven marketing system or some secret tricks. I’m talking about some of the same methods that most large and successful businesses at this moment to drive potential customers to their sites. There are many methods of creating visitors to your site..PPC, SEO, Social Networking, bulletin boards, directories, forums, blogs, safe lists, ect.I could go on and on! Some may work and some may not. More to the point it is to use the right combination. Using the wrong combination you may see a few hundred visitors a month. The right combination will bring you many thousands of visitors or more if you have the skill and time. You can attempt to capture visitors by using some free traffic methods which can be risky and time consuming!<br />
  6. 6. Now do not get me wrong. You can make some money with these methods, but not consistent and long term. As they say, if it were that simple, everybody would be doing it. As with any successful business you need a marketing plan and a marketing budget to build you business.Anyone knows that even when you make money you reinvest some of it back into your business to make it grow and reap bigger rewards for yourself. And by the way, Free traffic is not free. You must realize that you pay with either money or time for every potential customer to your website. No you can understand the power of accountability, volume, automation and expertise.<br />
  7. 7. You want to know why our clients use our service because building your website should be profitable and fun. <br />Doing something your not good at could become fiscally irresponsible and torturous.<br />So what’s our big secret?<br />
  8. 8. Using the right combination of non google traffic sources.I have a client that spent 5 hours a day sitting over her keyboard 6 days a week trying to develop free customers for her website. Lets say her time was worth a low $10.00 per hour. That amounts to $50 per day, $300 per week or $1200 per month.<br />
  9. 9. For $549 we could have delivered minimum of 40,000 potential customers instead of the 414 free visitors she received. As you can see those 414 free visitors do not seem so free anymore! <br />Even if you play with the numbers and she valued her time at only $5.00 per hour, it adds up to $600.00 per month. <br />
  10. 10. By using our services, she could have spent that month doing something more productive for her business or spent that time with her family and receive 100 times better results to her website.<br />And as you can see you do not need a six figure budget to buy media. <br />
  11. 11. Some huge benefits of using us as your paid traffic source are: *Low start up cost of under a couple hundred dollars *Real people who are already on the internet with interest *a minimum number of people to your site. We under-promise and over-deliver.<br />