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media evaluation question

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  1. 1. My target audience is teenagers, to attract my audience I hadaction during the opening so that they wouldn’t loseinterest, also we can see from the very beginning that theprotagonist has a problem. The storyline follows the maincharacter and she’s being bullied and it makes the viewerswonder why, also the opening creates mystery around thecharacters identity because sometimes it presents her as whiteand other times as black. The characters in the film are mostlyteenagers which will appeal to my audience because they canrelate to situations present in the film. From the beginning wecan establish that the genre is going to be teen and the subgenre is going to be drama because the film is about teenagersand we can see one of the many obstacles she is going to facethroughout the film.
  2. 2. The soundtrack is also something that would appeal toteenagers because even though its slow it has pace at the sametime because we intertwined more than one instrumenttogether. In my film opening I use a voice over of theprotagonist speaking, this would attract my audience becausethey get a glimpse of how she’s feeling from the very beginningof the film and it creates sympathy throughout, also it makes itseem more personal as if the protagonist was sharing a secretwith the viewer. The title of the film is very appealing becauseits called ID and everyone can relate to that because it’ssomething that identifies who you are as a person and the titlecreates mystery around her identity so the viewer will want towatch the film and find out who she really is.