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Evaluation question 7


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Evaluation question 7

  1. 1. Looking back at yourpreliminary task, what do you feel you have learntin the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. The thing that I found hardest wasputting the theory of filming intopractice because we had our shot listbut then it was difficult to shoot one ofthe shots so then we had to change itwhich caused some problems but weovercame them which was beneficialbecause I then knew how to deal withsituations like that when creating myown film opening.
  3. 3. I think when we were using all the different camera work wasquite difficult because we had to make sure that they weren’tall the same and that they varied and when we was filmingwe couldn’t really tell if we used different types of camerawork.
  4. 4. When we started editing our prelim it was quite simple but ourmain problem was that you could hear our voices in thebackground so we had to mute most of the footage, also thefirst time she opens the door was really face so when weedited it we slowed it down but it was difficult because we hadto make sure it wasn’t to slow and that it blended in with theother cuts.