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Evaluation question 6


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Evaluation question 6

  2. 2. I have learnt many different skills from the process of constructing my film. The camerawas a very important piece of technology because we used that to film our movie, usingthe camera was quite simple because all you have to do it change the settings so thecamera is on record then you have to press the record button and when you’ve finishedrecording that particular footage you then press the recording button again to stoprecording, then when you’ve finished recording all of your footage you connect it ontoyour computer and upload it onto I-Movie.
  3. 3. I-Movie is simple because once you have the footage all you need to do is select the footageyou want and drag it to the top left hand corner then drop it and if you still want to take someparts of you just have to select it and the press back space, later on you can create affects toblend the cuts together.
  4. 4. Garage band is similar to I-Movie because you use the same drag and drop method, whenyou open up garage band you will have loads of different types of instruments and styles ofmusic, you click on the one’s you like and below that there are song and you can click onthat and listen to it, if you like the song you can click on it and drag it to the top left handcorner and you drop it, once you’ve done that if you want to extend your chosen song yougo to the song you dragged and click on the top right hand corner and drag it across .
  5. 5. I found Photoshop really complicated and hard to work with, the most important thing to knowabout Photoshop is that you have to build up layers, first you start off with one layer and on ityou insert an image of your choice, then if you want another image you create a second layerand place the image there, this is useful because you can make changes on one layer and theother layer will stay the same, you click on the layer that you want to work on and you can startexperimenting with different affects, like changing the brightness of the image.
  6. 6. Using tumblr was quite simple because you had a choice of at the top of what you wouldlike to use and create a post, if you want to post a video you just have to embed it youdo this by copying a link from youtube or anywhere else and past it onto where it saysembed a video than you click create post. The disadvantage with tumblr is that onceyou’ve created your post you can’t move it, however the benefit is that you can edit yourpost and you can delete it this is found on the top right corner of your post.