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Camera work media studies


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Camera work media studies

  1. 1. Camera Work
  2. 2. This is an extreme close up. This is used so we can focus on the A close up is used to show important things and in someones facial expressions this case its the eye and and also to make it seem we can make out little more important. in this still details like the iris looks image you can tell that the like its on fire and there’s women is afraid of something a hand coming out of the because her eyes are fixated eye and we instantly on something and its almost think that this is going to as if she is leaning away from be a horror movie and it it. this builds up tension also creates fear within because we cant see what the viewer. she’s so afraid of.A long shot is used so the This is an extreme longaudience can see the body shot. It is used so you canlanguage of the characters and see the surroundings andwhat they’re wearing. in this also the characters, itstill image it looks like this is doesn’t concentrate ongoing to be a comedy because details but on the overallhe almost seems like he is image. In this image theafraid of her and she is forcing extreme long shot is usedhim to marry her. their clothing to show four boys playingindicates that they both work in around in the streets andoffices and are wealthy people its set in the olden daysand they are probably co- because of what they areworkers. wearing and because of the car behind them.
  3. 3. 180 degree rule This is the rule that This is a mid shot. It is used so directors use so that the audience can see the top the audience don’t get half of the characters in more confused when detail and also we can see watching a movie or a hand gestures and a bit of piece of footage. It movement. In this still image mainly means that the you can see that the women camera only shows has her hands spread out like one side of the room a bird which connotes so that the audience freedom and the guy is know where the holding on to her. This is a characters are. romantic still and it makes the audience feel in ore of them. – this is a clip for shotreverse shot and shows a good use of low angle and high angle shots. Ashot reverse shot is usually common when two people are having aconversation. An establishing shot is used to show were the movie is going to take An over the shoulder shot is place. It is usually found commonly used when two people at the start of the scene are having a conversation. so we get and understanding of the location. Theses two images both represent a two shot, which is two people in one shot. This helps use to distinguish the relationships between the characters.