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Thinkers keys treasure fever


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Thinkers keys treasure fever

  1. 1. Thinkers’ Keys Treasure fever By Andy Griffiths Alphabet Make an A-Z list using words related to the novel. The Question The answer is Fiona. Write 4 questions that could have this answer. Brainstorming Brainstorm all the things that could be in a treasure chest. The ‘What if…?’ What if there was buried treasure at Bourchier Street? the construction Construct a map of Northwest Southeast Central School. The BAR Bigger – Add – Replace Improve the design of Grant’s super charged treasure detector. The Brick Wall Fred and Clive Durkin are bullies. Make an argument to prove this fact is untrue. The Disadvantages Draw a mind map showing the disadvantages of having a teacher like Mr Brainfright. The Commonality Choose two teachers from Treasure Fever and use a venn diagram to show what they have in common.