Reading diary 1


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Reading diary 1

  1. 1. I understand that reading is an important part ofmy Grade 6 year. I will endeavour to read be-tween 20 and 25 novels during 2011. I will re-cord each book I have read and give it a scoreout of 10 according to how much I enjoyed it.I also agree to complete at least 12 of the 24reading activities.Signed____________________________Parent_____________________________
  2. 2. READING ACTIVITIES (DUE DECEMBER 1st)This year you are required to read 25 novels and complete 12 of the fol-lowing activities. Each of the activities should represent 1-2 hours workand be presented with your reading diary. If care is not taken with thesetasks and it is not work you are proud of, it will not count.1/ Make a new cover for your selected book. The picture should rep-resent an exciting part of the story. The back cover should show otherbooks written by the author.2/ Write a review of the book recommending whether people shouldread it or not. You must give reasons.3/ Write the next chapter to the book. What happens after this storyfinishes?4/ Write a blurb which could accompany the book.5/ Draw a detailed picture showing your favourite part of the book.6/ Make a wanted poster for a character in your book.7/ Create a new character for the book?8/ Create a timeline showing significant events discussed in thebook.9/ Make up 5 fat questions you would like to ask your favouritecharacter. Then provide the answers you think the character mightgive.10/ Create a story board which may have been used to assist turningyour book into a movie. The story board should contain 6 mainscenes.11/ Make a “Wanted Poster” for the main character in your book.12/ Compare this book to the movie made based on this book.
  3. 3. 13/ Use a flip cam and with a partner create an interview with theauthor. Your questions need to be well prepared and the answersprovided need to be detailed. (Save on USB and present to class)14/ Write a poem about your book.15/ Note down a list of unfamiliar or interesting words you foundin your book. Provide definitions for the words.16/ As a movie producer, explain why the book may or may notbe suitable to be made into a movie.17/ List other books which the author has written.18/ Estimate what year the book is set in. What clues does thebook contain to help you make your prediction.19/ Predict the future for one of the characters in the book. Pro-vide a detailed explanation about why you thought this would hap-pen.20/ From the authors point of view explain some of the difficul-ties encountered writing the book.21/ Invent and describe another evil character who could havebeen included into the story. What role would this character playand how would it improve the story.22/ Rewrite the ending to your book.23/ Prepare a talk to be given to the class recommending them to read your book because it was so good.24/ Write the reasons why you did not like the book.
  4. 4. During this year I agree to read at least 25books. I will record each book as I finishreading it, including the title of the book,the author, the date I finished reading it anda score out of 10.As well as reading the books I will com-plete 15 activities from the sheets providedwith at least 1 activity coming from:The Characters, Comparisons,The Setting, Presenting,The Author, Speaking,The Past, Drama,The Future, Creative Writing,Vocabulary, Literary QualitiesValues Clarification, Fun,Signed_________________Witnessed (Parent)___________________
  5. 5. TITLE AUTHOR SCORE DATE1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526