Persausive writing vels 4


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Persausive writing vels 4

  1. 1. Planning for Effective Literacy Teaching: Classroom Data: Text type/purpose: Learning Focus: Exposition/ Persuasive text: To provide a point of view. We are learning to map out information in a writing plan. Whole Class Teaching: Read the text Toilet Trouble Success Criteria: to the students. We can write a plan with our position, three arguments What do you think the and conclusion. Speaking and Listening: author’s main message is? Reflection: Assessment strategy: Attentive listening and What is your evidence? Cross Check appropriate responses to Respond to other the point of views of others. Shared writing: Writing a people’s point of view plan for persuasive text. present in their writing– agree or disagree. Independent Writing: Mini Lesson: Mini Lesson: The students will write the Teacher observations Guided writing – as a small key points for their plan in during roving will group the students write a step book. determine a second mini independently. The lesson or individual teacher provides support teaching opportunities. with the structure of the text.