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#GivingTuesday Webinar 11/5/2013


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Digital Engagement of Platforms and Crowdfunding

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#GivingTuesday Webinar 11/5/2013

  1. 1. Digital Engagement of Platforms and Crowdfunding November 5, 2013
  2. 2. Speaker: Zain Habboo, United Nations Foundation, • • • • #GivingTuesday is a day to connect the world around a single concept: Giving back Last year over 2,500 partners joined #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesday told the story of giving around the world Last year online giving grew by 53% and mobile giving grew by 487% Tuesday December 3, 2013
  3. 3. • Over 4,200 partners on board for this year • A lot of global participation and creative ideas • Not just about giving money, using multiple platforms • Examples: #Unselfie, an unselfish selfie on Instagram, UN participation around the world
  4. 4. Speaker: Jon Biedermann, DonorPerfect Online, • Donor Perfect tracks donor giving and activities • Cultivating donors is the most important activity an organization can do • Can thank for donation and cultivate them online and offline • Comes with Weblink, unlimited donation forms • Special #GivingTuesday promotion, waiving set-up cost and annual fee, $700 value • Online giving represents 8-10% of giving, important to build both online/offline donor relationships For over 30 years, DonorPerfect has saved time and made fundraising easier for over 10,000 organizations; For over 30 years, DonorPerfect has saved time and made fundraising easier for over 10,000 organizations; from small local nonprofits to UNICEF International in 25+ countries. from small local nonprofits to UNICEF International in 25+ countries. Simply the Best Simply the Best For the third time in a row since 2009, independent review organizations NTEN & Idealware’s, “A For the third time in a row since 2009, independent review organizations NTEN & Idealware’s, “A Consumers Guide on Donor Management Systems”, awarded DonorPerfect more “Excellent” ratings for its Consumers Guide on Donor Management Systems”, awarded DonorPerfect more “Excellent” ratings for its benefits and features than any other fundraising software! benefits and features than any other fundraising software! Just visit Just visit
  5. 5. Speaker: April Wright,, • is the country’s largest not-for-profit for young people • Over 2.3 million members from the ages of 13-25 take action on issues they care about • Provides volunteering and social action opportunities • Taking #GivingTuesday to get back in touch with past donors through a phone bank day • Using the moment to thank people for all they’ve done over the past few years and to ask for additional support
  6. 6. Speaker: Matt Mahan, Causes, • Causes is the world’s largest online campaigning platform • Connects millions of people around the world to share a common cause • This year Causes will raise awareness for #GivingTuesday partners such as American Cancer Society and Malaria No More on their dedicated #GivingTuesday hub page • Anyone can contribute directly to the #GivingTuesday campaigns through forms • Encouraging members to participate the #GivingTuesday conversation online with a toolkit with items such as a #GivingTuesday online bumper sticker
  7. 7. Speaker: Clarence Wardell, tinyGive, • tinyGive is a Twitter based donation platform built exclusively for non-profit and social good organizations • Allow individuals to tweet donations from $1-$500 to organizations registered on tinyGive • Lowers transactions costs and aligns donors to platforms they are already on • On #GivingTuesday will waive additional fees on the platform • Also setting up two matching funds: 1. The first 2,100 donors to give to your organization they will donate $2, allowing for up to $5,000 to be captured 2. Donors can recruit others to support an organization, there are $7,000 in available funds for this • Go to for further information
  8. 8. Speaker: Chris Sommers, Givver, • Givver is a fast, social way to give to the causes that mean the most to you • First platform dedicated to fundraising on Twitter, use #Give (or #GivingTuesday), a $ amount, and mention an organization to donate to that organization • Can tweet or retweet a donation in seconds • Free to use Givver outside of credit card fee, about building a community of givers • Hope can encourage people to give by social and easy method • For #GivingTuesday will have corporate sponsors provide awards and incentives to give
  9. 9. Speaker: Lesley Mansford, Razoo, • Razoo is a crowdfunding platform for charitable causes • Well known for 24 hour days of giving, online contests with leaderboards and prizes • For #GivingTuesday wanted to give back • Created a giving event on the Razoo platform • Non-profits and fundraisers compete to raise as much as possible • Razoo Foundation will donate $100,000 of prize money • Fun contests during the day • Check out and participate • Ex: Women’s Foundation of California
  10. 10. Speaker: Maggie Franz, NCS Services, • • • • • NCS Services serves non-profit, church and school markets Providing simple and secure options for online giving Offers an array of creative and innovative solutions such as mobile giving Nearly 100 years of experience On #GivingTuesday they will help donations go further • They pledge to give back a percentage of each donation for the first $1 million of donations • For more call (855) 862-7827 or visit
  11. 11. Speaker: Jay Ziskrout, Charitable Checkout, • Using Charitable Checkout, businesses are able to distribute samples and rewards in a way that also reinforces their positive image • Is a “triple win”: The public, non-profits, and businesses all benefit • 13% of donors spend money with the sponsoring businesses • A free, 30-day trial subscription for #GivingTuesday
  12. 12. Speaker: Jenifer Snyder, The mGive Foundation, • mGive launched text giving in the United States, currently hosts 85% of all text donations • Goal is to empower organizations, if only for one day, with the power of text giving • Text giving is increasingly the preferred mean of giving for individuals • For #GivingTuesday, The mGiveFoundation is waiving normal setup fees to give nonprofits the ability to receive text donations To learn more, please visit
  13. 13. Questions? Speaker: Dave Cirilli,, • is an online fundraising platform designed to empower people to raise money and build communities through social storytelling • To date it has inspired tens of thousands to share their stories and change the world • For #GivingTuesday offering several options • A separate #GivingTuesday campaign with a list of all the #GivingTuesday campaigns • A tool-kit to help people reach out to supporters to help create fan fundraising pages for #GivingTuesday • Many non-profits getting creative for #GivingTuesday campaigns on • Ex: WaterAid will have all donations matched on #GivingTuesday
  14. 14. Speaker: Bre DiGiammarino, Indiegogo, • • • • • Indiegogo is the worlds largest global crowdfunding platform Millions of dollars and people go through the site every week Campaign owners and contributors from 196 countries and territories Known for their happiness, customer services, and educational materials For #GivingTuesday they are supporting anyone who wants to rally their social momentum for good on that day • Encourage campaign owners to give 1% of their revenue to causes campaigns on #GivingTuesday • A #GivingTuesday partner page, Indiegogo will give a dollar for every $20 raised for #GivingTuesday campaigns opted into the page • Also offering lots of educational opportunities for campaign planning
  15. 15. Speaker: Hunter Ziesing, MyCharityofChoice, • MyCharityofChoice is an event based fundraising platform • Connects people to a cause and allows people to fundraise around an event • #GivingTuesdayThey built a side platform for #GivingTuesday • Already have had several hundred non-profits register • Over 25,000 donors and 12,000 fundraisers • Can pledge to give on #GivingTuesday and then your donation will be automatically taken on December 3rd
  16. 16. Raise more money from employee matching gift programs. Use Double the Donation’s tools for free from 11/15/13 – 12/15/13. Speaker: Adam Weinger, Double the Donation, (Screenshot of Double the Donation’s Giving Tuesday Matching Gift Page) • Double the Donation provides fundraising tools to help non-profits raise money from employee matching and volunteer grant programs • Helps non-profits raise awareness and offers ease of donation • Maintains a database of companies who match donations • For #GivingTuesday can use Double the Donation’s tools for free from 11/15/2013-12/15/2013 • Marketing toolkit available For complete details and to try out our matching gift search visit:
  17. 17. Speaker: Khee Lee, Interactive Donor, • Interactive Donor works with non-profits to connect with Millennials • Looking forward to being one of the many partners with #GivingTuesday
  18. 18. Thank you for joining! Go to for more!