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Discontinuities May 2000


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Trends and discontinuities report from the European Innovation team of Whirlpool Corporation - created at the end of a 3 months focused effort in May 2000 -

Published in: Business
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Discontinuities May 2000

  1. 1. 09-05-2000 Discontinuities Summary findings
  2. 2. 09-05-2000 Discontinuities From • How old are you? • Standalone, dedicated rooms • Product to service • Alignment • Drugs are bad • Environmentally friendly • Old • Matter • Linear relationship • Two mutually exclusive poles of attraction • 9 to 5 office work • Ownership • Being subjected to nature • Time = money • Average • Stand alone dumb objects To • How old do you feel? • Networked home • Experience economy • Creativity • Drugs are cool • Environmentally zero tolerance • New beliefs • Software • Borderless relationship • Complementary multipolarity • Flexible time, work from home • Just use it! • Playing God • Time = life • Hgh end/ low end - polarisation • Connected intelligence
  3. 3. 09-05-2000 age doesn’t matter Title: Age doesn't matter Headline: From: How old are you? To: How old do you feel? Description: The desire to be, look and act younger is stronger and stronger. Also the desire to stop aging is very strong. Life expectancy is rising. Value and the amount of elderly is increasing as well.
  4. 4. 09-05-2000 age doesn’t matter From: How old are you? to: How old do you feel?
  5. 5. 09-05-2000 alive home Headline: From: standalone, dedicated rooms To: networked home Description: Due to many reasons, the role of the home is changing: 1. Home is becoming a place where to work, to meet people, to rest, to play, to surf the web, to chat -physically and virtually- , to learn, to interact with (smart appliances).... 2. Home will be a cocoon, not a constraint: it will be easy to change; it will not create problems, but solve them. 3. Home will be more flexible, due to increase flexibility in lifestyle: families are more flexible (one parent only, divorced parents, less children...), traditional roles (mom as an housewife, dad at work, kids at school) are disappearing and new roles are rising
  6. 6. 09-05-2000 alive home
  7. 7. 09-05-2000 customized experience Title: From product to service to experience economy Description: From buying the ingredients and making a birthday cake to ordering a birthday cake to having someone organising the party and "throwing in" the cake.
  8. 8. 09-05-2000 customized experience
  9. 9. 09-05-2000 creativity revolution Title: creativity revolution Headline: From: alignment To: creativity Description: With the acceleration in speed of change in the business environment and the world overall, old systems of hierarchy, top down and centralised management are being replaced by fast, flat and bottom up ones.
  10. 10. 09-05-2000 creativity revolution From: alignment to: creativity
  11. 11. 09-05-2000 cool drugs Title: From drugs are bad to drugs are cool Description: The accellerated pace of life has put more pressure on the individual. The need to use time effectively and to it's fullest is increasing. Therefore the youth of today`s Europe (tomorrows consumers)are increasingly resorting to drugs in order to make the most of their spare time (Raves, clubbing ..). This is especially true since the reasons for not taking drugs (side effects, addiction and social stigma) are disappearing. Marihuana is already "almost" legal and considered less harming to f.ex. alcohol. A lot of these new drugs are designer drugs like extacy.
  12. 12. 09-05-2000 cool drugs From drugs are bad to drugs are good
  13. 13. 09-05-2000 green world extremist Title: Green World Extremist Headline: From: Environmentally friendly To: Environmentally zero tolerance Description: "Zero tolerance" means that environmentally friendly is just an entry ticket and who does not comply is not even in the game. The new challenge is environmentally beneficial. There is an increasing and widespread awareness about the huge impact of human activity on the Earth and our quality of life possibilities. Sustainability is questioned. The interdependencies are so complete that there is no place to hide (from pollution and for polluters!).
  14. 14. 09-05-2000 green world extremist
  15. 15. 09-05-2000 my holy trinity Title: My Holy Trinity (Body, Mind and Soul) Headline: From: old To: new beliefs Description: Static traditional values and faiths do not fit the discontinuous nature of the world. Technology is empowering us beyond imagination, but does not guide us. We are left with a quest for meaning that takes on new directions. A deeper and personal search for balance at all levels. The solutions need to address at the same time the needs of the body, mind and soul. It is a 360 well-being concept. It is about making an individual connection to the rest of the universe and with the human story: past and future. Look, feel, being good.
  16. 16. 09-05-2000 my holy trinity From: old To: new beliefs
  17. 17. 09-05-2000 nanotech Title: Nanotechnology revolution Headline: From: matter To: software Description: Nanotechnology will revolutionise the world of products. It means manufacturing from the molecular level up. Products will be assembled atom by atom and software will have all the information necessary so matter will be software.
  18. 18. 09-05-2000 nanotech
  19. 19. 09-05-2000 boardless relationship Title: New level of relationship Headline: From: linear relationship To: borderless relationship Description: Establishing relationships is changing in all segments of our life- family life, work and community. Information is being exchanged constantly in global communities, family, friends and neighbours, and also between people who don't personally know each other. The relationship between different ethnic, linguistic and religious backgrounds is changing. Family is becoming a "relationship platform", with a peer relation between parents and their children. From top down hierarchy to pizza pie model of organisation - regional and global institutions move from vertical to horizontal, from hegemony to diversity.
  20. 20. 09-05-2000 boardless relationship
  21. 21. 09-05-2000 kapital world Title: One Centerless Capital World Headline: From: two mutually exclusive poles of attraction To: complementary multipolarity Description: Globalisation is enabling at the same time convergence and divergence, standardisation and differentiation. At the macro level, as much as capitalism and free market economy is becoming the only economic paradigm, at the same time the sources of cultural models and creativity are fragmenting and originating from what we used to consider the peripheries of the world.
  22. 22. 09-05-2000 kapital world
  23. 23. 09-05-2000 Title: Headline: From: 9 to 5 office work To: flexible time work from home Description: Going from home to the office, in well-defined time, is no more a necessity. The necessity is to get results and successes. Enablers of this disco are the new technologies: fast and cheap communication, low cost and micro end user tools. Flexibility is a new way of life and a cause.
  24. 24. 09-05-2000 From 9 to 5 to flexibility
  25. 25. 09-05-2000 just use it! Title: "Use ownership" Headline: From: ownership To: just use it !! Description: The increasing of rental services from companies, expecially for mass produced or luxury products, is changing the consumer not to own products themselves but only the usage and service.. This discontinuity can also be explained as the shift from commodities to experience, in which the use is much more important than possession.
  26. 26. 09-05-2000 just use it!
  27. 27. 09-05-2000 genetic Title: From being subjected to nature to playing god Description: The unravelling of the human genome and other advances in genetic engineering are allowing us to alter nature, including us humans, in a profound way. This is going to have profound influences on all parts of life. It places in human hands the capacity to redesign living organisms, the products of some three billion years of evolution. We essentially get the possibility to play god
  28. 28. 09-05-2000 genetic
  29. 29. 09-05-2000 timeeeeeee Title: From time = money to time = life Description: Time will become more valuable than money; people are struggling in balancing the information overload, rapid change in industries and technology and managing careers with family responsibilities.
  30. 30. 09-05-2000 timeeeeeee
  31. 31. 09-05-2000 multiplicity Title: From average to high end/ low end - polarisation Description: The gap between the have`s and the not have`s is widening - in all aspects. Polarisation of/in; - ages; young-old. - natural reserves. - incomes; middle class shrinking. - countries and between continents(GDP/capita). - wellfare.
  32. 32. 09-05-2000 multiplicity
  33. 33. 09-05-2000 connectivity Title: From stand alone dumb objects to connected intelligence Headline: From: stand alone dumb objects To: connected intelligence Description: All objects that surround us are becoming connected. They will have computing power (computer chips) and will communicate with each. The world around us will be "smart", it will recognise us and make information available everywhere and anytime.
  34. 34. 09-05-2000 connectivity
  35. 35. 09-05-2000 Always-On Generation Headline: From Internet as a database to Internet as a communication tool Description: the new generation stays online for different reasons than their elders. They use Internet for instant messaging and they have become completely dependent upon Internet to complete their studies and to access audio and video. Opportunity: appliances with Web-pads
  36. 36. 09-05-2000 Shared work spaces Headline: From videoconferencing to shared work spaces Description: a kind of remote meeting that is suited for most day to day tasks: shared work spaces. In these meetings rooms participants chat and share on-screen presentations and documents. Opportunity: also for household use?
  37. 37. 09-05-2000 Feeling Safe Headline: From security devices considered too expensive, intrusive and time consuming, to security devices considered absolutely necessary Opportunity: home safety devices
  38. 38. 09-05-2000 Wireless Services Headline: From wireless carriers to wireless services Description: Combining powerful brands and customer service experience will compete against incumbent wireless carriers. Result: bifurcation of the industry, with some operators and selling services directly form the net. Opportunity: Can Whirlpool sell their customer service expertise?
  39. 39. 09-05-2000 Renewable energy Headline: From oil and coal To renewable energy sources like wind, solar and fuel cells. Description: Developing countries looking to improve their electrical infrastructure will install wind turbines, solar panels and fuel cells. This will lower energy generation cost Opportunity: appliances adapted to new energy sources
  40. 40. 09-05-2000 Gadget madness Headline: FROM expensive traditional devices TO inexpensive, multifunction, portable computer devices Description: prices for displays, memory chips, microprocessors etc have dropped tremendously in the past years. This will spark the emergence of inexpensive, multifunction, portable computing devices. Opportunity: appliances could be the cradle for multifunction gadgets
  41. 41. 09-05-2000 On-line learning Headline: From e-learning for school applications, to e-learning for home applications Opportunity: IFU online, cooking classes online...
  42. 42. 09-05-2000 Personalization Headline: From mass production goods, TO customised products and services, TO custom tailed experiences Description: theme funerals and theme weddings, design-it-yourself shoes, create your own cereals etc. Opportunity: personalised products
  43. 43. 09-05-2000 Ethnic Foods Headline: From traditional cuisine TO ethnic foods Description: After Thai and Korean, Caribbean and Middle Eastern dishes are becoming popular Opportunity: Ethnic recipes in cookbooks, Ethnic grocery
  44. 44. 09-05-2000 Boomburbs Headline: From ‘suburb’ to ‘boomburb’ Description: A boomburb is home to between 100,000 and 400,000 residents, yet still feels distinctly suburban. Opportunity: anything to do with servicing and constructing new households
  45. 45. 09-05-2000 Luxury trickle-down Headline: From certain products and services only for the rich TO affordable also for the middle-income customer Description: A middle-class consumer with more wealth and a sense of entitlement. Opportunity: affordable ‘luxury’ products