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Giuseppe Esposito - AGUST 2016

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Giuseppe Esposito - AGUST 2016

  1. 1. Page 1 of 8 Giuseppe Esposito Via Murat 75 20159 Milan Italy Mobile +39 347 2522245 E-mail Skype ID : giuseppe.esposito2905 Linkedin : Personal Information - Nationality: Italian - Sex: Male - Status: Single - Born :29-05-1960 Professional Education Graduated diploma in Telecommunications (1981) VIII ISTITUTO Tecnico di Napoli (Italy) Languages • Italian (mother tongue) • English (written and spoken) • Spanish (Spoken) Certification Delivery Management certification for Network Implementation n.00543 22/05/2012 General Profile After 27 years of telecommunication work, I have acquired substantial experience in the activities of supervision-operation and management of projects undertaken by Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks around the world. The skills acquired cover the relevant phases of the activities: from Ordering Management (Tender /Service offer, RFX) up to Subcontractor Evaluation and Management, from Site Inspection Installation (Quality Management –H&S) up Commissioning / Acceptance(Delivery). I worked as Team Leader on projects, handling traffic implementation on Fixed and Mobile networks and training engineer for new Microwave equipment. I was recognized as a customer care oriented employee; I have adequate knowledge of the customer expectations and needs. From 1987 up to current date I was able to build an extraordinary base of technical / soft skills that are well-known for my employer and customers. Always able to get the best result from multicultural environment. I am now ready for new challenge and new opportunity around the world .
  2. 2. Page 2 of 8 Management Tools Skills  Microsoft Office.  SAP P20.  Integrated Project Management IPM.  Bitrix 24 Management Training  Leadership code  Managing Project within Organization  NI Financial Guide  Ascent to leadership (3 section training).  Team building  NSN PMI Intermediate Certificate  Managing Projects within Organizations  Estimating Activity Costs  Risk Management  Estimating and Budgeting Project Costs  Change Management Work Experience and Missions From July 2016 Freelance c/o Smart Consulting SRL Izmir Turkye Inspector for FAT Marshalling DCN /ESD Honeywell Star Rafineri Project (Saipem) From Nov2015 to March 2016 Ceragon Indonesia -Jakarta Delivery Director for Smartfreen Project Responsible for Mw Transmission Delivery 4G project from vendor to Nokia /ZTE and final user (Smarfreen) . Follow up 7 Regional PM Delivery Manager and National Manager Follow up upload required documentation in E-Smart tools and related required documentation .
  3. 3. Page 3 of 8 From Jan 2013 –to July 2014 CommProve Project Manager Service Delivery manager for Telecom Personal Argentina Probing Project Site Survey. Customer Interface for Probing project for Telecom Personal , based in Buenos Aires . Definition of Scope of work , BoQ , Site inspection ,Subcontractor Evaluation. Coordination of Subcontractors and Implementation Server Dell , Switch Dell, Splitter Optical, Electrical/Optical ,Monitoring Traffic Units for monitoring of various interface (Access Interface , Core Network Interface ) Mission in Kenya –Safaricom Monitoring Project. From November 2012 – to Dec 2012 NSN Oran –Alger Watanya Telecom Project Manager Network transformation from 2G to 3G Monitor and Control Partner Delivery on agreed Project Deliverable's Ensuring the delivery of all project activities to agreed scope, schedule and quality standards. Delivery of the project to specification and within time and budget constraints. Ensuring adherence to established governance processes e.g. Change Control, Risk Management Reporting. Managing stakeholder through effective relationships across the organization and other third party suppliers to ensure effective project delivery. From July 2006 – July 2012 Sudan Zain /Canar Service Business Manager :  Over 700 MW link PDH/SDH/Trunk Radio , ADM delivered .  Planning, Executing and controlling the project  Supervision of Planning Activities (power budget and related survey activity) done by subcontractors/ partners  Definition of BoQ  Going through the customer RfQ and identifying all PM related topics, such as change management process, acceptance procedures, terms and conditions, SoC, milestones, etc. Writing the PM Sales Item Descriptions, detailing the PM services to be delivered for the project.  Creating the Work Breakdown Structure and activities with the NI tendering team  Creating the Share of Responsibility between Customer and NSN and aligning it with the NI tendering team  Master Schedule and detailed Implementation Plan  Implementation Schedule Constraints and needed actions  Terms & Conditions, especially the Change Management Clause
  4. 4. Page 4 of 8  Project Change Management Process regarding the possible change triggers, analysis, reporting, and approval and implementation process.  Risk definition  Acceptance Procedures or Statement of Compliance  Performing meetings with the customer on weekly basis to discuss progress and pending issues.  Guaranteeing customer satisfaction by managing to eliminate problems at the source besides predicting issues and practical troubleshooting.  Preparing the resources needed to the project (labor, tools, special tools, safety tools, teams transportation & accommodation, materials). o Creating Project Team hierarchy from scratch: o Network Planning (2 NP Engineer PDH/SDH ). o Network Implementation ( 5 Site inspectors + subcontractors). o O&M (6 Service engineer). o Network Management System (1 Senior engineer). o Logistic control  Procurement scope : Define Scope of Work and Responsibility Matrix for Subcontractors and related cost for activity.  Leading the survey team in conducting the site surveys in accordance to specifications and Plan and supporting site visit.  Completing and submitting SSR reports to customer.  Open discussion with procurement in order to achieve target price.  Evaluation of subcontractors in agreement with Procurement needs  Handle work orders to subcontractors IPM –Logistic-F&C.  Subcontractors interface and management.  Checking and verification Subcontractors Invoices.  Implementation : Rollout Management – Implementation & Operation. Management  Support for Care  CT Head interface : Report and Support  Logistic Interface  Delivery Manager : Acceptance PAC/FAC-Invoices December 2010 Iraq Suleymania Asiacell Mission of Integration & Commissioning  Customer Meeting (SDH project).  Brief practical training for local Team MW. August 2010 Norway Oslo Telenor Mission of Troubleshooting
  5. 5. Page 5 of 8  Analysis and troubleshooting on Site MW April 2010 Iraq Suleymania Asiacell Mission of Integration & Commissioning  Troubleshooting of pending issues with the customer.  Acted as NSN interface and responsible of solving the pending issues. July 2009 – August 2009 United Arab of Emirates dU Project Mission of Delivery Manager  Delivery phase.  Material PO  Subcontractor PO emission /closure April 2006 – June 2006 Eritrea Eritel Project Manager  Implementation of mobile network and fixed network projects.  Rollout and implementation local customer installation team July 2002 – March 2006 Italy Vodafone area 4 (South ) Implementation &Operation Manager-Service Manager  Rollout MW  Following up for quality installation and commissioning of subcontractors.  Administration and accountability check of subcontractors.  FAC/PAC  Material order control and customer care. January 2002 – June 2002 India VSNL Project Supervisor  SDH Radio project (Delhi – Dheradun – Mumbay – Aryi – Pune).
  6. 6. Page 6 of 8  Troubleshooting of pending issues with the customer VSNL  Closing Project September 2001 – December 2001 Italy LA7 Project Supervisor  Implementation and commissioning of MW Backbone SDH March 2001 – August 2001 Spain Madrid TAC2 Supervisor  Technical support as level 2. February 2001 India BPL Supervisor NMS Project  Supervisor for NMS.(Network Management System) October 2000- January 2001 Turkey IshTim Project Supervisor -Quality Manager  Supervisor for installation and commissioning of ISTIM project (currently Aria GSM).  Site Survey –Quality Reports  Technical Supervision for ADM (backbone protection for SDH radio). April 2000 – September 2000 Italy OMNITEL (AREA 1 North) Service -Operation &Implementation Manager  Rollout/ Subcontractors  FAC/FAC  Quality Inspection  Customer care. May 1999 – March 2000 Bangladesh Service Implementation & Operation Manager –PM
  7. 7. Page 7 of 8  Implementation and delivery manager for network implementation SDH backbone (Grameenphone) MW +ADM o Dhaka –Chittagong-Sandwip -Khulna SRT 1C /Optical Adm  Pdh project (BTTB)  Pdh project (AIR FORCE). March 1999 – April 1999 Pakistan PTCL -Mobilink Supervisor -Trainer  Training local team PDH –SDH  Installation and commissioning workshop January 1999– February 1999 Poland Era GSM Supervisor -Trainer -Care  Training local Team/Subcontractor PDH –SDH  Care-Troubleshooting  Implementation October 1997 -December 1998 Bangladesh Grameenphone Implementation Manager-Project Manager  Rollout  Building new local team and training  Implementation and acceptance of SDH Optical ADM high capacity (STM 4-16)  City coverage by Mw radio PDH  Starting phase : Survey- BOQ Definition and agreed with Customer  End Phase :Acceptance /Delivery FAC/PAC  Care August 1995-September 1997 India UshaMartin BPL Rollout Manager-Service Implementation and Operation Manager  Rollout activities MW  Subcontractors Coordinator  Implementation –Deliveries MW July 1995 Ireland Police
  8. 8. Page 8 of 8 Supervisor Mission  Implementation commissioning MW January 1995- June 1995 Turkey Nato Supervisor  Implementation commissioning MW and Network Management System August 1994-December 1994 Thailand AIS GSM Implementation and Operational Supervisor -Care  Implementation commissioning MW  Local training July 1993-July 1994 Africa Uganda , Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Ivory Coast ,Zimbabwe Implementation & Operation -Care  Implementation commissioning MW  Delivery April 1987-June 1993 Italy Enel-Snam-Rai-AST-Military Force Service Engineer for MW and Multiplex Equipment’s Link profile :

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