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Agile Fixed Price - XP Days 2015


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Agile Fixed Price - XPDays 2015
More complex is the project more difficult is to meet the customer expectations. Let's how Scrum can streamline customer collaboration in a Fixed Price project.

How to run a project when scope, time and cost is fixed from day one? How to collaborate with your customer to have success with the project that have a lot of constraints? How to bring out the true value for your end-users?
Approaching the project in an agile way!

In this talk we will see a true story about a project that started as a "fixed all" and have been delivered successfully in time, in budget and with the true value for the end user.

The approach? Use the 7 "super powers" for customer collaboration :-)

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Agile Fixed Price - XP Days 2015

  1. 1. An experience on how Scrum helped the customer collaboration in a Fixed Price project 1 AGILE FIXED PRICE @giulioroggero @marcocalzolari
  2. 2. August, 10 - 2014 a phone call…
  3. 3. “Can you send me an offer all-fixed for the 20th of August?” Here is the 17 pages Request for Offer…
  4. 4. Gulp :-O
  5. 5. Critical Points • Understand the client requests from the RfO • Estimate time and cost properly without the team support • Reduce the risk to fail • The Client is not an easy one, it’s a public company
  6. 6. 7 Clients Types • Commander: "I control everything" • Urgent: "... then you're done? I need it now!” • Not involved: ”it’s not my business" • Collaborative: ”cool, we work together!" • Undecided: "what do you suggest me? What if we ... " • Delegator: ”they told me that may be we are late" • Gold plater: ”can you add also that? "
  7. 7. Clients have Needs and Problems Earn, save, protect Meet the customers needs Innovate, create, invent
  8. 8. How to satisfy them?
  9. 9. Use Superpowers! A superpower is an uncommon ability that helps the hero to solve problems that seem impossible for common people
  10. 10. 7 Superpowers 1. Telepathy 2. Zen Patience 3. Super Resistance 4. Teleportation 5. Super focus 6. Faster than light 7. Time Machine
  11. 11. I’m joking :-) ... but
  12. 12. Ultimate super power is…
  13. 13. “Customer collaboration over contract negotiation” 3rd value of agile manifesto
  14. 14. What does it means?
  15. 15. Share the risk
  16. 16. We row all in the same direction
  17. 17. The (real) 7 superpowers we used in this Fixed Price Project … and not only
  18. 18. 1 – Identify the real goals of your Client 2 – Align Client goals with the Customer (end user) goals
  19. 19. How we can collaborate? low Alignement between Client and Customer Goals high lowConstraintshigh We are a great team but doesn’t deliver High collaborationContinuous fighting and scope change Why we are doing this project?
  20. 20. External Suppliers Expo2015 App Key Features Identification App Development Move in Lombardia Go to Expo2015 Adv Web Site Totem Commuters Tourist Expo2015 Datacenter Trenord Customer Care App Expo 2015 App Development App Promotion Customer care App Maintenance Ticket sales Improve Trenord Brand Improve Trenord Sentiment Business Model Canvas – App Expo 2015 Customer Relationship Partners Value Proposition Customers Channels Revenue StreamCost Drives Key Activities Key Resources
  21. 21. Estimate the complexity • Share how the cost structure of the project has been estimated • Use more estimation techniques • Keep things simple as possible
  22. 22. Three-point estimation (PERT) Probability Estimated Cost B ML W Average Planning Poker
  23. 23. 3 - Share the vision
  24. 24. Personas and Customer Journeys • Write down customer questions and then try to answer • Identify proto-persona to help the Client impersonating the Customer • Touch the product, a pretotype
  25. 25. Examples of questions for a Trenord Customer “When the next train to Varese will start from Cadorna?” “Is my train in late?” “All train lines are ok?”
  26. 26. Personas, un metodo efficace @marcocalzolari Proto personas
  27. 27. Customer journeys
  28. 28. Story board workshop
  29. 29. 4 - Start to touch something as soon as as possible
  30. 30. • From paper to product increment • Keep the quality high (if doesn’t work we don’t show it at the demo) • Feedback loop, every two weeks a demo • Continuous delivery in beta • Continuous product backlog refinement
  31. 31. In the offer
  32. 32. Sprints and Releases
  33. 33. Continuous Delivery
  34. 34. 5 - Separate the formal contract part from Scrum
  35. 35. Contract highlights 1. Scope, Cost and Time 2. Constraints and Assumptions 3. Responsablity and guarantee 4. Acceptance Criteria 5. Change request management 6. Go-live support and maintenance 7. Intellectual property, know-how and source code
  36. 36. 6 – Face problems and say “no” if you are not adding value to the customer The more early arise the problem the best is!
  37. 37. 7 – Be reliable Keep your promises Don’t create false expecations
  38. 38. 7 - … communicate … Email Telphone Face to face
  39. 39. 7 - … and celebrate the success
  40. 40. … 6 months after
  41. 41. What we learned Client Reach business targets Supplier Earn money “Understand why the Client needs your help is the first step for a collaboration.”
  42. 42. Your superpowers?
  43. 43. Thanks to @giulioroggero @marcocalzolari