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Brain Computer Interfaces 101


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Brain Computer Interfaces 101

  1. 1. Brain Computer Interfaces 101 Giulio Gabrieli University of Trento
  2. 2. Hello! I am Giulio I work with Brain Computer Interfaces (and other cool stuff) Affiliative Behaviour and Physiology Lab University of Trento
  3. 3. Electroencephalography Electroencephalography (EEG) measures electrical fluctuation caused by postsynaptic potentials from thousand of neurons oriented radially to the scalp.
  4. 4. How? ◎ Electrodes ◎ Amplifier ◎ Computer
  5. 5. Brain Computer Interfaces Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are tools that allows people to interact with computer using their brain.
  6. 6. “ The goal of BCI technology is to give severely paralyzed people another way to communicate, a way that does not depend on muscle control.
  7. 7. BCI Applications ◎ Communication ◎ Prosthesis control & Locomotion ◎ Neurorehabilitation ◎ Neurofeedback ◎ Recreation
  10. 10. MENTAL STATE ◎ Focus ◎ Stress ◎ Engagement ◎ Relaxation
  11. 11. GAMING
  12. 12. GAMING
  13. 13. Thank you! Questions?