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  1. Giulio Casadei HI, EVERYONE! MY NAME IS Let's get to know me
  2. About me 22 Years old (09/09/1999) From Modena, Italy Studying in Rome (Master's degree) English proficient user (C1) + Spanish basic user
  3. Challenge myself, Enlarge my network, Improve my career, Discover the world THIS IS WHAT MOTIVATES ME
  4. background 2018 - Diploma: Scientific High School 2021 - Bachelor degree: Marketing and Company Management 2023 - Master degree: Business Management I enriched my network and I realized my potential I discovered my path and I started exploring the world It gave me the resilient spirit and I built my attitude Educational
  5. It's my creative side: it's a good way to explore the world, to meet new people, to tell stories and to express myself. PHOTOGRAPHY I learn how to work in couple and how to improve each other. In the good and the bad luck, there's someone next to me and it's important to know how to deal with this. SPORTS - PADEL I like to gather people and to have fun with them: playing an instrument it's an amazing moment to create joyful and sharing experience. MUSIC - GUITAR Hobbies & Interests And how these help me improving
  6. Personal values Always support honesty and truth, INTEGRITY Appreciate who improves me GRATITUDE Aim high: this is something that makes me feel alive SUCCESS Embrace what's different from me OPEN MINDNESS People will never forget how you made them feel KINDNESS What do I believe in? Never compromise myself SELF-RESPECT
  7. YOU CAN COUNT ON MY: Devotion Accuracy Storytelling and Public speaking Active listening Continuous improvement Team management STRENGHTS
  8. WHAT MY FRIENDS SAY "Ambitious: you never stop aiming higher" 54, Dad, Manager Andrea Casadei "Kind and always available" 23, Colleague, Student Eugenio Calzolari "Professional in everything you do" 42, Employer, Manager Daniel Bukin Personality traits
  9. AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT Learn my limitations Discover my weaknesses and work on them 01 Take more initiative I'm valuable, I have to step in more ofen 02 More empathy I know how to deal with people, so I have to bond more with their feelings 03