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.netcampus2015 office365dev


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This is my session at the .Net Campus of Rome as speaker with Marco Rizzi.

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.netcampus2015 office365dev

  1. 1. Template designed by BEST PRACTICE TO DEVELOP SOLUTION WITH OFFICE 365 Marco Rizzi Giuliano De Luca
  2. 2. Avanade Confidential – Do Not Copy, Forward or Circulate – © Copyright Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. Chi è Avanade Italy 2 Avanade, nata nel 2000 dalla joint venture tra Microsoft e Accenture, è il principale Technology Integrator a livello mondiale specializzato nello sviluppo e nell’implementazione di soluzioni su tecnologia Microsoft per le grandi aziende. • Capacità imprenditoriale • Soluzioni per qualsiasi settore • Acceleratore di soluzioni trasversali • Specializzati su piattaforma Microsoft • Architetture e asset • Risultati realizzati • Piattaforme Enterprise • Prodotti all’avanguardia • Impegno per la ricerca e sviluppo
  3. 3. Avanade Confidential – Do Not Copy, Forward or Circulate – © Copyright Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. We invest in Microsoft’s evolution Market Forces Microsoft’s Evolution Mobility Cloud Business Solutions Social Big Data Reshaping the end-user experience to accommodate work-on-the-go scenarios Redefining flexible systems design and customer business models Expanding product set into integrated suite of social collaboration tools Grow portfolio of ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics Applying accessible tools and large scale processing to the “Big Data”/analytics challenge Data & Analytics Application Development Customer Relationship Management Enterprise Resource Planning Technology Infrastructure Collaboration Mobility UX Avanade Service Line
  4. 4. Avanade Confidential – Do Not Copy, Forward or Circulate – © Copyright Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. We invest in Microsoft’s evolution Some cases:
  5. 5. Avanade Confidential – Do Not Copy, Forward or Circulate – © Copyright Avanade Inc. All Rights Reserved. Avanade Italy: I nostri numeri CAGLIARI • Nata nel Settembre 2000 (tra i Paesi fondatori) • 6 Uffici • 700 dipendenti • Fatturato 80 milioni di Euro ROMA
  6. 6. 15 anni di esperienza nella consulenza per il settore IT con focus sulla Collaboration, Enterprise Social, Portals Speaker - Microsoft SharePoint Conference, WPC, SharePoint Saturday Organizzatore SharePoint Saturday Italy Riconoscimento Microsoft MVP 2014 Esperienza su SharePoint a partire dal prima beta nel 2001 (codename Tahoe) 15 certificazioni Microsoft su tecnologie, SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 sia Dev che Infra SharePoint Earlier Adapter dal 2009 Self employed – 7 anni Microsoft Consulting Services – 3 anni Avanade dal 2008 - Solution Architect Collaboration Service Line Marco Rizzi 6 @marcorizzi marcorizzi78 marcorizzi
  7. 7. 11 anni di esperienza sulle tecnologie SharePoint e Microsoft .Net. Ho una forte passione per la tecnologia e l'innovazione e sono sempre attento all'evoluzione del mercato. Sono un contibutor nella community attraverso il blog, su msdn e i vari social network twitter, linkedin, Facebook. 8 Certificazioni Microsoft su : HTLM5, CSS, Javascript; MCSD - SharePoint Application; MCSA Office 365; MCSD Web Application; Avanade dal 2013 Consultant Collaboration service line. Giuliano De Luca 7 @giuleon giuliano.deluca delucagiuliano
  8. 8. Office 365: the opportunity Modern App Development Development guidelines Demos, demos, demos Agenda
  9. 9. Office 365 Evolution 9
  10. 10. Office 365 Adoption 1
  11. 11. Office 365 Skype for Business Azure Active Directory SharePoint Online OneDrive for Business Office 365 services 1
  12. 12. What’s the future? 1
  13. 13. Office 365 Unified API TASKS manager memberOf FILES MESSAGES workingWith Shared with me directReports createdBy FILES CONVERSATIONS createdBy workingWith EVENTS trendingAround GROUPS TASKS NOTES NOTES public modifiedBy USER trendingAround
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Demo SharePoint App
  16. 16. Developer 101 Create Office 365 tenant Create Azure Subscription Visual Studio 2013 Office 2013
  17. 17. Development modelWhat are the recommendations for the development model?
  18. 18. App model with add-ins is the future also for on-premises
  19. 19. “Will Farm Solutions be supported with SharePoint Server 2016?” We will make investments primarily on the app model side also for on-premises to better align the development story: Write once and use it across cloud and on-premises Yes.
  20. 20. “I saw a blog post on the Internet saying that the app model is dead” It’s more alive than ever. We are committed to this model and the majority of our development investments are made on the app model for cloud AND on-premises No it’s not
  21. 21. “Will you ever support farm solutions in Office 365?” Farm solutions are deployed cross SharePoint farm and they’d impact multiple customers… No.
  22. 22. What if…We would use same development model in cloud and in on-premises?
  23. 23. What does “app model” or “add-ins” mean Classic - Full trust solutions • ISV solutions • Platform level customizations to on-premises • Custom service applications • Custom WCF services • SharePoint customizations, not customer specific customizations Client Side Solutions • Server side controls as JavaScript on page layouts and master pages • Remote provisioning for elements • Embracing un-ghosted model • SP App dimension with provider hosted apps to provide new capabilities • Customer specific customizations Store apps • App catalog based solution • Packaged reusable solutions built for specific functionality • Not only for market place or store, but also as platform for customer specific customizations SharePoint Add-Ins means all operations which are executed outside of the server
  24. 24. Transformation processHow to perform the transformation to app model gradually?
  25. 25. “What does app model transformation mean?” Rewrite your code to app model. There’s actually no migration or transformation, but you can reuse concepts and patterns… Rewrite
  26. 26. “What does this mean in practice?” Implement similar functional capabilities as with farm solutions, using alternative technical solutions
  27. 27. Content types and site columns List Definitions Field types Site provisioning Timer jobs Recommendations for farm solutions
  28. 28. ”I want to minimize challenges in future updates with farm solutions”
  29. 29. • • Rather than using feature framework elements in farm solution, it is recommended to provision site columns and content types using code • • Objects are created directly to the database (unghosted) without any dependencies on files in file system • • Use code called from feature receiver to create needed elements Content Type and site columns challenge
  30. 30. • • You should avoid custom list templates for your list instances • • Custom list template has unique identifier and it creates dependency on the list instances to the schema.xml file of the list template • • Consider using code to provisioning specific instances or use custom schema option with instances • List events for newly created lists in sites List definition challenge
  31. 31. • • We are working on more guidance on this side with details on how to fix the existing sites • 1. Change to use Sandbox solution list definition 2. Perform content migration to oob list How to fix existing deployments?
  32. 32. Provisioning best pratices
  33. 33. • • Do not use custom field types with you farm solutions • • Data stored in the database will have dependency on the custom field type, which will cause challenges in migration scenarios • • Consider using only field controls for presentation or use client side rendering for list editor overrides Custom field type challenge
  34. 34. How to create the custom field with Jslink.
  35. 35. • • You create sites using site definitions in on- premises can be challenging • • Site upgrades cross versions is natively upgraded and you will need to own the template model by yourself • • Consider models where we start with out of the box site provisioning, which is configured with business requirements Site definition / web template challenge
  36. 36. Applying branding is absolutely supported and understandable for intranet portals, but what about collaboration sites? It is recommended to consider the cost versus gain Good question…
  37. 37. Branding
  38. 38. Recommendations Transform end user experience, not code Understand impact of farm solution Move gradually to app model Avoid Farm & Sandbox solutions
  39. 39. Summary 4
  40. 40. Grazie a tutti per la partecipazione Riceverete il link per il download a slide e demo via email nei prossimi giorni Grazie