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Tus nov11

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Tus nov11

  1. 1. TO P PRODUCERS Top Units Sold N O V E M B E R 2 0 11 INDIVIDUAL ASSISTED Perimeter Northlake East Cobb N. Fulton Northlake East Cobb North FultonChris Hall Dale Arnold Kris Zugloff Giuliana Enriquez Jackie Boone and Janice Brown Shawn Griffin Lynn Erdely2nd - Benjy Dubovsky 2nd - Sanders Colson 2nd - Diane Suway 2nd - Sam Russell3rd - Robert Hutton 3rd - Sonya Williams 3rd - Anita Lopez 3rd - Ed Short Gwinnett West Cobb Forsyth Gwinnett Woodstock Buckhead West Cobb Lucia Brooks Nena Pratt Brad CarltonShameka Patterson Karen Lance Ren Brennan Pam Butler2nd - Alysia Hall 2nd - Sally Bates 2nd - Michael Topor 2nd - Waverly Harding Douglasville Hamilton Mill Peachtree City3rd - Kelly Hoffman 3rd - Tom Burke 3rd - Thad Ugha 3rd - David Foster Forsyth Douglasville Hamilton Mill Peachtree City John Baker Dennis Doll and Emily Peker Diana Hubert Newnan Stockbridge PauldingSusan Adams Pam Nixon Patty Mazzuola Sam Chapman2nd - Robert Delay 2nd - Henry Adedapo 2nd - Calair Brown 2nd - Jeannie Booker3rd - Oliver Alexander 3rd - Angela Cottrell 3rd - Ericka Mitchell 3rd - Kerri Levins Newnan Stockbridge Paulding McDonough Cynthia Hand-Hart and John E. Baker Carol Waldrop Carl Shephard McDonough Conyers CarrollScott Cosby Brianne Drake Jeff Claeson Angela Moss2nd - Luke Thompson 2nd - Emilio Barreto 2nd - Michael Scott 2nd - Deborah Melton3rd - Laura Crockarell 3rd - Kathy Chapman 3rd - Ann Boone 3rd - Mary Collum Conyers Carroll Cascade Ellijay Bernard Brown and Connie Brown Pat Viohl and Art Viohl Chuck Griffith Cascade Ellijay StonecrestJessica Ellis Randy Hayes Alice Williams Chela Bailey2nd - Carol Moore 2nd - Frank Goolsby 2nd - Regina Crothers 2nd - Jack Nunn3rd - Neita Jones 3rd - Maryjane Goodson 3rd - Katrana Luellen 3rd - Mark CongdonStonecrest Blue Ridge Pickens/Dawson Blairsville Rabun Bernard Strong Melissa Maxie and Lynn Stephens Thomas E. Brown Blue Ridge Pickens/Dawson RabunTerri Guy Pam Orr Jonnie Salas Jamie Lea Sam Rumsey2nd - Roberto Cortez 2nd - Betty Terry 2nd - Reba Berrong 2nd - Ricky Turner3rd - Micah Fouskey 3rd - Lucretia Collins Greg Dillingham and Michael Lacy Kelly Beechler Teri Dobbs