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Tnl oct11


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Tnl oct11

  1. 1. TO P PRODUCERS Top New Listings O C T O B E R 2 0 11 INDIVIDUAL ASSISTED Perimeter Northlake East Cobb N. Fulton Perimeter Northlake East CobbIrene Clary Joanne Watkins Vicky Diffley Giuliana Enriquez Ennis Antione Jackie Boone and Janice Brown Shaun Griffin2nd - Christina Poodt 2nd - Travis Williams 2nd - Kimani Karangu 2nd - Sandee Garihan3rd - Jeff Little 3rd - Christa Rogers 3rd - George Esper 3rd - Leslie Harper N. Fulton Gwinnett Woodstock Gwinnett Woodstock Buckhead West Cobb David Mills Lucia Brooks Sandra Wiggins and Lee WigginsCheryl Brock Reed Williams Michael Topor Pam Butler2nd - Shameka Patterson 2nd - Karen Lance 2nd - Ren Brennen 2nd - Pat Wise Forsyth Douglasville Hamilton Mill Peachtree City3rd - Cheryl Jackson 3rd - James Hagood 3rd - Jewel Culton 3rd - Tammy Teague Forsyth Douglasville Hamilton Mill Peachtree City Brad Carlton John Baker Dora Aguirre Diana Hubert Newnan StockbridgeJohn Noufer Al Hunter Diana Powell Kay Fulp2nd - Tricia Burks 2nd - Anne Mccarty 2nd - Kimberly Lamb 2nd - Christy Fletcher3rd - Arthur Harris 3rd - Joann Herrell 3rd - Kimberly Longo 3rd - Sam Chapman Newnan Stockbridge Paulding McDonough Cynthia Hand-Hart and John E. Baker Melissa Stephens McDonough Carroll CascadeJeannie Doole King Givenchy Jeff Claeson Angela Moss2nd - Katherine Wimble 2nd - Victoria Alexander 2nd - Wendy Pike 2nd - Valerie Mcdonald3rd - Vanessa Calhoun 3rd - Kenno Clark 3rd - Shamoin Parks 3rd - Deborah Melton Conyers Carroll Cascade Ellijay Bernard Brown and Connie Brown Virginia Westlake Bernard Strong Ellijay StonecrestJessica Ellis Mary Jane Goodson LeJeanne Lemon Dan Parker2nd - Neita Jones 2nd - Julie Straton 2nd - Regina Crothers 2nd - Chela Bailey3rd - Latrina Clark 3rd - Randy Hayes 3rd - Erica Brown 3rd - Jack NunnStonecrest Blairsville Pickins/Dawson Blairsville Rabun Melissa Maxie and Lynn Stephens Thomas E Brown Blue Ridge Pickens/Dawson RabunRoberto Cortez Jerry Estes Rene Harris Chris Carr Frank Holden2nd - Bill Benton 2nd - Sarah Foster 2nd - Elizabeth Tarpley 2nd - Debi Snyder3rd - Wendy Brown 3rd - Dalton Burke 3rd - Lucretia Collins 3rd - Sam Rumsey Greg Dillingham and Michael Lacy Kelly Beechler Teri Dobbs