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Future makers


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The world is change

Published in: Business, Education
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Future makers

  1. 1. Creative competition IN embracing tomorrow
  2. 2. Individuals thinking outside the box and implementing big, bold, creative ideas and initiatives that will transform our future...In the market trends: online concierge – experience transformed reputation management – story telling job transforming – embrace chance one App stay #1 by thinking strategic – “0” cost
  3. 3.  online concierge – experience transformed booking platform aimed to ensure faster, easier and more user- friendly online hotel reservations inspired travel starts here reputation management – story telling monitor & engage online and offline just express your thought and your reputation can exceed or faaaaaaaall apart –Cool! job transforming – embrace chance E-commerce, digital Mng, Yield Mng. Reputation Mngr. – be ready to take your glasses and watch the instructions Innovative programs, new universities and future oriented programs
  4. 4.  one App with one app, you can have everythingyou need when you need, how you need multiple choices, thousands colors, uncountable functions and options stay #1 by thinking strategic – “0”cost think smart, by using the freedomof having what your vision wants Mylittleparis app- allows you to knoweverything whats going on in the townin a real time – Paris in your hand
  5. 5. Innovation Development New job challenge Free to use Environment friendlyPeople engagement and commitment Corporate social responsability Easy, fast, with you all the time Creative and productive in real time
  6. 6.  Competition Too fast – no time to get it…that anythingelse its already at your door Loose of traditional learning classes andback rounds for the children Cold relationships built and less face toface meeting Personal reputation in danger More people wearing these sexy glasses..
  7. 7. Conclusion:Looking forward to the next quick STE PPPPP Giulia Ciupe MBA2B