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  1. 1. How Audit take place as controlMISS- GEETA UDAPIKAR.
  2. 2. CONTENT 1 Introduction . 2 Definitions. 3 Main Objectives. 4 Scope. 5. Types. 6. Importance.
  3. 3. Introduction The general meaning of an audit is an evaluation of a person, organization, system, process, en terprise, project or product. Audit means an unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization. It can be done internally (by employees of the organization) or externally (by an outside firm).
  4. 4. Definitions. Spicier and Pegler- An audit is such an examination of the books, accounts and vouchers of a business as it enable the auditor to satisfy that the Balance Sheets is properly drawn up, so as to give a true and fair view of the state of the affairs of the business and whether the profit and loss accounts gives a true and fair view of the profit or loss for the financial period according to the best of his information and explanations given to him and as shown by the books, and if not, in what respects he is not satisfied.
  5. 5. Definitions Montgomery - Auditing is a systematic examination of the books and records of a business or other organization, in order to ascertain or verify and report upon the facts regarding its financial operation and the result thereof.
  6. 6. Main Objectives.  To independently identify information which is essential to develop an overall picture of the institution/local authority.  To identify any weaknesses or administrative flows which otherwise would not be identified due to unwillingness or inability by insiders of the institutions. .
  7. 7. Main Objectives To identify strengths and weaknesses of the administrative structures in order to inform decisions on overall strengthening of the institution. To provide baselines on which reforms can be assessed To provide the government (other governing bodies) and general public with credible information that result in public faith or trust of the institution and/or pressure for any reforms to address problems identified.
  8. 8. Scope. 1. Legal Requirements. 2. Entity Aspects. 3 Reliable Information. 4. Proper Communication. 5. Evaluation. 6. Test. 7. Comparison. 8. Judgments.
  9. 9. Types. There are main two type of audit. 1.internal audit. 2.statutory audit. Other types of audit are;- 1.continuous audit. 2.annual audit. 3.balance sheet audit. 4.interim audit.
  10. 10. Importance. For Business 1. Errors are Located- Auditing is helpful for business. The error can be located through it. The location and correction of error is possible through auditing. The true and fair information about business is available.
  11. 11. Importance.2. Frauds are Discovered- Auditing is helpful forbusiness. The discovery of fraud is possiblethrough it. The guilty persons can be heldresponsible. The auditing accounts show fairabout business.3. Loans Become Easy Auditing is useful forbusiness. Lenders for granting loans acceptthe auditors accounts. The reputation ofborrowers increases due to auditing. Thusauditing accounts help the businessman toexpand his activities.
  12. 12. Importance. 4. Advise about Weakness The people can seek advise from auditors. The auditors are professional and they know their work very well. They can spotlight the grey area. It is the duty of the business man to act upon the advise of the auditors. 5. High Moral Values Auditing is essential for business. There is moral check on the management and
  13. 13. Importance. other staff. Auditing puts the pressure on the staff of work honestly. There is no pending work so there is less chance of errors and frauds. . 6. Tax Payments- Auditing is useful for business, tax authority accept audited accounts for assessment of taxes. There is no further inquiry or investigation from department..
  14. 14. Importance. For Owners 7. Efficiency Improves Auditing is beneficial for business. The auditing determines the efficiency of employees. The training and qualifies management is an asset for any business. Such management can play dynamic role in framing and implementing the policies.
  15. 15. Importance 8. Dispute is Settled - The audited accounts are helpful to settle the disputes. The audited accounts become the basis of making decisions. The dispute may relate to infringement of patents or trademarks. 9. Improvement of Internal Control Auditing is helpful for business. The auditor can point out the
  16. 16. Importanceweakness of internal control system. Thebusiness management can take steps toremove these weaknesses. The effectivecontrol systems are essential for large-scalebusiness enterprises.10. Fluctuation in Profits The auditor canmake the detailed study to find of fluctuationin profits. There are various reasons forchanges in profits. The auditor candetermine the true cause of such changes.
  17. 17. Importance 11. High Credit Rating The auditing accounts increase the credit standing of any business house. The lenders can rely on audited accounts for granting credit facility. In fact auditing is a screening test of business entity. 12. Shareholders Protection Auditing is beneficial for owners. The shareholders feel that their rights are
  18. 18. Importanceprotected through auditing. They can knowthe performance of management. Auditedaccounts help to determine the value ofshares.13. Insolvency The auditing is beneficial forcreditors. The audited accounts show trueand fair view of state of affairs of soleproprietorship or partnership. The creditorcan get their money first and then ownerscan get refund of capital. The auditedaccounts help to settle the cases at an earlydate.
  19. 19. Importance For Government 14. Better Performance of Tax Department Auditing is beneficial for government. Tax officers accept the audited accounts. The assessment order can be issued without further clarification. There is saving of money and time due to audited accounts. The performance of tax officers is improved. 15.Progress of Economy Auditing is essential for government policies. The true fair view is stated in audited accounts.
  20. 20. Importance The stage of economic progress can be determined. The government can take measures to raise the rate of economic growth. 16.Purchase of Private Business Auditing is helpful for government. The private business houses may not work in favor of general public. The government can take over such business units. The purchase price is decided on the basis of auditing of accounts.
  21. 21. Importance 17.Inspectors- The auditing is helpful for government. The auditing accounts show the fair value of all assets. The value of assets. The value of assets is the basis of tax. This issue can be settle through audited accounts. The auditors are experts in their field. They know all methods of property valuation. They can issue certified the government agencies for valuation of property .
  22. 22. Importance For General Public 18.Insurers can Settle Claims Auditing is essential for insurers. The settlement of fire or marine insurance claims is easy through audited accounts. The policy holders and insurance company can settle actual loss of property .
  23. 23. Importance 19.No Loss to Lenders Auditing is essential for lenders. The banks and other lenders ask the borrowers to submit audited accounts before granting loans. The audited accounts are helpful to check the trust worthiness of customers. 20.Creditor are Protected They can know the true performance of their debtors. The creditor can accept this promise only
  24. 24. Importance when he feels that debtor is reliable businessman. Auditor accounts provide basic information about reliability. 21.Better Pay to Employees Auditing is helpful for employees. They are interests in profits. Auditing accounting prove true and fair view of profit.
  25. 25. Importance The employees can demand higher pay, fringe benefits and participating in profits. Audit of accounts with the independent person help the employees to make settlement with the employers.
  26. 26. Thank you.