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Haileybury Turnford School - Application


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VEX Robotics Competition team submission to the Girls Into STEM initiative

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Haileybury Turnford School - Application

  1. 1. By The Future Engineers of HaileyburyTurnford Engineering
  2. 2. What does engineering mean to you? (Hover over picture and press play)
  3. 3. Engineering is mainly the action of working artfully to bring something new into our society. It is the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and uses of engines, machines, and structures. What is engineering?
  4. 4. Engineers make a world of difference…from new farming equipment and safer drinking water, to electric cars and faster microchips! Engineers use their knowledge and think outside the box to improve people’s lives in meaningful ways. Engineers are adventurous, imaginative and creative problem solvers.They never get bored, their always seeking out problems that need solving!They turn ideas into realities…and help shape the future, ”Your talking about making a difference in so many way: from artificial limbs to Xbox 360.” In todays world, engineering could not be more relevant as it is good for our economy. Engineers themselves… Everyday life engineering: Different roles of engineering in one product:
  5. 5. Why is engineering useful? (Hover over picture and press play)
  6. 6. These are some lamps that year 8 students have made in the past couple of weeks. They have worked really hard and come out with some phenomenal pieces of work. Here are some of them… Engineering at HaileyburyTurnford
  7. 7. Year 8: Amber - Engineering is creating, building and modelling different things (buildings, engines, machines etc.) involving science, maths and technology. Holly B - Engineering is working with technical issues, solving problems and being creative. Yasmine – Engineering is technical, logical and futuristic. Holly S – Engineers build and design the things around us. Year9: Georgia - Working with electronics and buildings/fixing things. Sophie - People fixing electronic things and everything around us has been engineered. Kelsey - When people build and fix cars in car garages. Shannon - Engineering is this to do with machinery and electronics, to help us get through everyday life. Everything we look at has been engineered in one way or another. What we think of engineering
  8. 8. Quotes from people we know…. What is the first thing that comes into your head when you hear the word engineering? “the first thing that comes into my head when I hear the word engineering is anything related to mechanics or cars.The word reminds me of people who fix cars and faults on machines that aren’t working to their full potential.”
  9. 9. Why is Engineering useful? “Because if the world didn’t have any engineers nothing would get fixed when it’s damaged or faulty.”
  10. 10. What does our teacher, Miss Loughran, think about Engineering? “Engineers are creative (and exceptionally hard working!) people. They find solutions to all of the problems we have created as humans. Engineers have helped us travel, store and cook food and even made us better at sports!The world would be a very different place without Engineers.”