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Charters School - Application


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VEX Robotics Competition team submission to the Girls Into STEM initiative

Published in: Education
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Charters School - Application

  1. 1. Engineering is about solving problems in the simplest and most cost effective way possible. What is ENGINEERING about?
  2. 2. o It’s the branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines. o It’s a very diverse topic that consists of the design and manufacturing of anything and everything, big (spacecraft) or small (revolver hammers), in a new and effective way to lower the costs and to please a certain clientele.
  3. 3. o Another use of Mechanical engineering is to construct an idea or concept put forward by either a different type of engineer, or by a scientist. o Mechanical engineers have to have many skills and attributes; knowledge of forces, how to counteract a specific environment, how to make something aesthetically pleasing, how to creating something with functionality and how to find a way to counter any issues that come up with their product.
  4. 4. o Mechanical engineers work in many industries such as, automotive (cars), aerospace (aeroplanes and spacecraft), computing and electronics, and biotechnology
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  11. 11. Bio Medical Engineering Do you want to help people in your community? Or across the planet who are in need of medical help? Then biomechanical and biomedical engineering is a smart choice for you!
  12. 12. Bio Medical Engineering What can they make? • Artificial hearts and pacemakers that may extend a person's life. • Lifelike prosthetic limbs for greater mobility and freedom Improving glucose monitors • New physiotherapy technologies for sports injuries • Incubators for premature babies
  13. 13. Bio Medical Engineering Is it for you? If you like: • Biology • Medicine • Being Creative • Problem Solving Then it’s for you!