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Wind power in India


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A short summary of the story so far!

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Wind power in India

  1. 1. Wind Power in India
  2. 2. Wind power in the mix Total:29.464GW Renewable power accounts for nearly 13% of the installed power capacity in India and wind power accounts for nearly 70% of that!! *Source: MNRE,Sept 2013
  3. 3. Wind power installation in India Sl.N 0 State Capacity in MW 1 Tamil Nadu 7154 2 Gujarat 3093 3 Maharashtra 2976 4 Rajasthan 2355 5 Karnataka 2113 6 Madhya Pradesh 386 7 Andhra Pradesh 435 8 Kerala 35 9 Others 4 Total 18551 *Indian State Wise Wind Installed Capacity March 2013,CWET
  4. 4. State wise GDP vs. wind power plants * India2020economyoutlook2012/State Wise
  5. 5. The future potential
  6. 6. The future potential * India Wind Energy Outlook 2012
  7. 7. Key factors to development Accelerated Depreciation (AD) benefit Generation Based Incentive(GBI) Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) Tradable Renewable Energy Certificate(REC)
  8. 8. Hindrance to development Lack of regulatory framework Inadequate grid connectivity High wheeling and open access charges Land and statutory clearance issues
  9. 9. Technology in the future MW size turbines Increase in the hub height up to 120m (current installation average @80m) Accurate forecasting/scheduling of power generation Repowering of old wind plants Off shore wind development Smart grid integration
  10. 10.