Sponsor Girish Mallya for MDS (Marathon Des Sables)


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Sponsorship proposal for Girish Mallya, for participating in MDS 2013, arguably the toughest endurance race in the world

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Sponsor Girish Mallya for MDS (Marathon Des Sables)

  1. 1. SPONSOR GIRISH MALLYAFor Marathon Des Sables, the toughest foot race on earth
  2. 2. The challenge and the participantThe toughest foot race on earth, the A media professional and social mediaprivilege (as considered by true blue influencer who has completed 15 fullrunners) for which racers sign up two marathons, 4 half marathons, 2 ultrayears in advance. marathons (75+ km each) and 1 selfOver seven days and six stages, runners sustaining multi stage ultra marathon ofstumble, burn, stink, hallucinate, cry, and 200 km.bleed across 155 miles (250 kms) of Girish will be one of the very few Indiansthe Sahara Desert in Morocco to attempt this challenge
  3. 3. About me I am an endurance runner and triathlete; have been a long distance runner for ten years My immediate goals are to participate in MDS in 2013 and finish an Ironman triathlon in 2014 Kerala multistage ultra 200km in 5days http://www.canal-aventure.com/ Bangalore ultra 75km Full marathons: Mumbai (10), Hyderabad, Great Tibetan, Auroville, Kaveri trail, Hyderabad, Singapore... Half marathons: Vadodara, Thane, Delhi, Borivli National Park
  4. 4. My Digital Footprint  Profile - http://about.me/girishmallyaHighly Influentialon Marathon as  Klout score – 62, Influential about Marathons, Bombay & Indiaper Klout  Blog – www.girishmallya.blogspot.com  FB – www.facebook.com/girishmallya  Twitter - @girishmallyaConnected tosignificant  Linkedin - http://in.linkedin.com/in/girishmallyanumber of  Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/girishmallya/Marathonrunners and  G+ - girishmallya@gmail.comjournalists on  Tumblr - http://girishmallya.tumblr.com/social networks  Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/ultramarathon
  5. 5. My Twitter, Klout & Facebook 7+ years on FB4+ years on Twitter Highly influential on 1.1k friends (significant74k tweets Marathon, Bombay and number of runners &3500+ followers India as per Klout journalists)
  6. 6. Girish in the news (Mainstream and social media)
  7. 7. Overview As a sports blogger, I have reviewed sports tracking equipment, shoes & cycles. As a micro blogger (Twitter), I have been invited for tastings and/or reviews of movies, restaurants, cafes, hotels, sports goods & sports portals. I have written an endurance running & technology article for Popular Science India I have been quoted in Times of India, Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Mid-day and other publications/portals with respect to running and fitness
  8. 8. Testimonials Gul Panag, www.gulpanag.net, Actor, Social activist & Runner I have known Girish for over 3 years. He is an inpiring runner, one i look up to for inspiration on bad days. I ran the Goa River Half Marathon with him 2 years ago,when he was recovering from an illness. I was moved by his never say die spirit.I am delighted to hear he is heading to MDS. Wish him luck.”Brigid Wefelnberg, www.brigidwefelnberg.com Sharon Gaytor, http://www.sharongayter.com, accomplished ultra runner & 4time MDS finisher Common Wealth champion & one of the top ultraI ran with him at the Great Tibetan Marathon, the runners in the worldBangalore Ultra and at the 200 km Ultra India in Kerala, Girish is committed and dedicated toone of the toughest and hottest multi-stage jungle sport, not just to train hard to compete asmarathons. An invaluable fellow runner and team member, an athlete himself but helping others toGirish demonstrated the strength, endurance and achieve their goals. I was honoured towillpower to complete the race with unbelievable stamina. have Girish crew for me on The High, aI am very proud to be running with Girish Mallya, one of hard worker that listens and responds andthe very first Indian participants ever at the Marathon des gave many gruelling hours to help meSables, undoubtedly the toughest footrace on earth . finish the race.
  9. 9. My Running Goal and Sponsorship Plan  MDS is considered the toughest foot race on earth and racers sign up two years in advance for this privilege  Profile - http://www.darbaroud.com/ & http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marathon_des_Sables  Over seven days and six stages, runners stumble, burn, stink, hallucinate, cry, and bleed across 155 miles (250 kms) of the Sahara Desert in Morocco  Runners must carry at least 14,000 calories (about 10 pounds) worth of food and drink mix. But they burn about 35,000 calories over seven days  Backpacks must weigh between 7-15kgs, including food (excluding water). This ensures racers carry the caloric minimum and the mandatory desert survival gear.
  10. 10. I seek the total participation cost aloneas sponsorship fee Participation fees Euro 3750 Airfare (Bom-Fra-Bom) Euro 1000 Specialised gear Euro 500 Euro 5250 or Total budget (sponsorship fee) Rs.3.8lacs
  11. 11. Sponsorship plan Four sponsors for Rs 1 lac each or one sponsor for the total amount – Start date January 2013 (confirmation of registration) to May 2013 Categories - Sports drink, Airline, sports shoes & apparel, corporate group, sports foundation. Any brand that epitomises endurance, perseverance, strong values, energy and wellness. No directly competing brand of a confirmed sponsor will be taken Any additional money raised, beyond event cost will be given to @FundACause (on Twitter) for donation to a suitable Children’s foundation
  12. 12. My promise to the sponsorLogo and visibility Other value add Sponsor logo on Tee/singlet or Shorts and on  Sponsor mentions at reasonable intervals Backpack (all runs are with backpack): on FB posts, blog posts, interviews (where Visibility – I run four times a week on the possible) and Tweets highway in Bombay, covering upwards of 60kms a week  MDS story/article of me will be pitched to health/fitness magazines, health blogs, All interview pictures will be with the Tee with mens lifestyle magazines and mainstream sponsor logos (logos will be digitally newspapers incorporated in stock running shots of the runner)  Use of my pics from MDS for promotional purposes for one year Sponsor logos on Blog & Twitter background  Two motivation talks to Sponsor All races from January 2013 – December 13 employees during the year with sponsor logos
  13. 13. Let’s Talk! Twitter - @girishmallya girishmallya@yahoo.com +91 9820304517