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Well Being


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BF05 - Personal Finance
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Published in: Lifestyle, Education

Well Being

  1. 1. It’s time we talk about your
  2. 2. Well being is basically feeling good about one’s life
  3. 3. Can be broken down into 5 categories
  4. 4. Exercising, eating well, and seeking needed medical care help to keep you physically well.
  5. 5. Gaining and using knowledge, and learning problem solving skills promotes a person’s intellectual well being
  6. 6. Being part of community groups along with family and friends help promote social well being.
  7. 7. Having a sense of worth and developing strategies to create a healthy outlook on life help promote emotional well being.
  8. 8. Managing money in ways that build a sense of control and competence.
  9. 9. Why are we talking about in a personal finance course?
  10. 10. Because your affects your
  11. 11. Allows you too…
  12. 12. Participate in activities you enjoy,
  13. 13. have access to educational opportunities,
  14. 14. and enjoy social outings with friends and family.