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Production and Manufacturing Planning


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Production and Manufacturing Planning
BF10 Principals of Business and Finance

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Production and Manufacturing Planning

  1. 1. Production & Manufacturing Planning
  2. 2. Produce Products 3 Activities in
  3. 3. Product Development The process of creating or improving the form of another product.
  4. 4. Product Design First creating a model and then deciding the best possible design.
  5. 5. Product Research Performed by engineers and other scientists to develop new products or to discover improvements for existing products.
  6. 6. Product Research 2 Types of
  7. 7. Applied Research Marketing research that studies existing products to develop design improvements or new product ideas
  8. 8. Pure Research Discovers new solutions to problems.
  9. 9. Production Planning Parts of
  10. 10. Production Process Activities, equipment, and resources needed to manufacture products.
  11. 11. Production Resources Machines, tools, and other equipment needed for production.
  12. 12. Personnel Employees and skills needed for production.
  13. 13. Inventory Management Maintaining the supply of all resources needed for production and the products produced.
  14. 14. Continuous Process (CPI) Ongoing effort to improve manufacturing processes to increase the quality of work by reducing: Errors, Inefficiencies, & Waste Improvement