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Principles of Design


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BD10 Multimedia and Web Design
Principals of Design

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Principles of Design

  1. Principals of Design Wallpaper-photoshop-tools-desktop-to-desktop1.jpg
  2. BalanceThe arrangement of elements
  3. Symmetrical Elements are centered or evenly divided both vertically and horizontally Balance
  4. Asymmetrical Off-center alignment created with an odd or mismatched number of elements. Balance
  5. Radial The elements radiate from or swirl in a circular or spiral path. 35258_1_miscellaneous_digital_art_hipster_triangle_post_modern_abstract_minimalist_art.jpg Balance
  6. ContrastEmphasizing the difference between elements
  7. Unity/HarmonyAll of the design elements are consistent with each other in shape, style and color and consistent with the overall message
  8. Scale/Proportion The relationships between the sizes of various elements
  9. Dominance/ The focal point. Emphasis
  10. Design These concepts will help you arrange elements and use design principles effectively Compositions
  11. GridsThe use of columns/rows in design
  12. The Rule of ThirdsSplitting an image or design into thirds, so you end up with 9 equal sections
  13. Optical CenterThe spot the eye first sees when it encounters a page slightly above and to the right of the actual center
  14. Z PatternThe pattern the eye follows when scanning a page. fight-club-william-henry-graphic-design-movie-poster-minimal1.jpg