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Using ArcGIS Online for mapping data collected by Google Form

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  • You have just hear how the background about PlaceNote project With this presentation that I have called (PlaceNote: Mapping Google spreadsheet data using ArcGIS Online), I am going to show the solution that I have developed, and if you have I’ll run a demo of my prototype.
  • The first time that I spoke with Kirk about this project, he asked for a solution that was: Easy to implement Easy to maintain Could be used by many users simultaneously Not heavy programming They already had some kind of solution that was involving all Google Tool coming from Google DRIVE: Google Form tool – for collecting the data Google Spreadsheet - for storing the data Google FusionTable – for the mapping component
  • useful plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz Same name
  • It’s critical to have the lat and long
  • Spreadsheets Each spreadsheet can be up to 256 columns, or up to 200,000 cells, or up to 100 sheets -- whichever limit is reached first. There's no limit on number of rows. Each spreadsheet can have up to 20,000 cells with formulas. Of this total, the following limits apply: Up to 1,000 GoogleFinance formulas Up to 1,000 GoogleLookup formulas Up to 50 Import formulas You have a limit of 1000 spreadsheets. The spreadsheets that are shared with you do not count against 1000 limit. The limit on spreadsheets open at one time is 11. You can import spreadsheets up to approximately 1 Mb in xls, csv, or ods, txt, tsv, tsb format.!topic/docs/g8RkXItHY0M
  • Place note

    1. 1. PlaceNote: Mapping Google spreadsheet data using ArcGIS OnlineGiovanni ZambottiGIS Specialist – CGA Harvard Universitygzambotti@cga.harvard.eduJanuary 16, 2013
    2. 2. Project goals• Easy to implement• Easy to maintain• Could be used by many users simultaneously• Not heavy programming +
    3. 3. Google Form• Tool of Google Drive to collect information.• Automatically connected to a spreadsheet .
    4. 4. Google Spreadsheet• Online database• Support spreadsheet operation• Support scripting language (javascript)• Limit (max of 200,000 cells)
    5. 5. ArcGIS Online• Mapping platform to create interactive maps.• Creates maps quickly and easily with no install or setup.
    6. 6. Common Language: CSV• CSV (comma-separated values) • Latitude and Longitude fields
    7. 7. Google Spreadsheet >> Publish CSV file online
    8. 8. ArcGIS Online >> Map online CSV file key=0AtoOF41NSbqfdHZCVV9zQURxZDNYYTVUN0xVeWJET1E&single=t rue&gid=0&output=csv
    9. 9. Geocodingrequest
    10. 10. Video and image request•Vimeo ID = 57078160•YouTube ID = Wl7zvB0BoZY•Image URL : http://...../image.png
    11. 11. Demo• formkey=dHFKOVRZWXg2ZFFJc2NiNzFtR0hXOXc6MQ #gid=0• https://harvard- ml?appid=debfe30909934c6bbf64675390e97d25