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Gdiaz final-mag 2


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This is my magazine, with a variety of different artworks. It has most of my artwork, but mainly those of my classmates.

Published in: Design, Technology, Art & Photos
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Gdiaz final-mag 2

  1. 1. COMPUTERGRAPHICS See my process on my blog.By: Giovanni Diaz Purchase Product.KEEP 2 KEEP 3
  2. 2. The MasterpiecesBy: The CGF11 Class KEEP 4 KEEP 5
  3. 3. ... MasterpiecesCONTINUEDKEEP 6 KEEP 7
  4. 4. WOW HAT Fall Into FashionBy: Jordan Juarez BY: Synthia Wesley My name is Synthia Wesley. I am currently, what I would refer to myself as, a "FreshMORE". I say this because I am an unusual Fresh- man, for I currently have 26 credit hours-- TOO many to be considered a complete Freshman, and just a shy of 4 credits to be a Sophmore.Academically I am going into a business major.I am not very confident that i will stay in this Craft:major because honestly i have no clue what i want Using various tools, I haveto do. Business was just the general major i was most interested in so...ya. learned in this class, I created 4 two page spreads of my shape drawings. I used tools such as the Gradient tool, the Shape tool, etc. Composition: Much of this layout was createdNow The VariationS...With this one I changed the lines to a bunch of different cool brush strokes that I like. to depict my art that I created in this class in the best way pos- sible. I tried not to use a veryI changed the outline color to make it jump off the page. I didn’t focus on the sets dominant background image, orhowever I want my audience to focus their attention on the hat its self and the designs on the seats. color because I didnt want it to over power my art. Concept: For these layouts, I really wanted the viewer to concentrate solely on my art. In order of importance I would want them to see, my art, headline, line body KEEP 8 KEEP 9
  5. 5. Nikes On My CONVERSE By: AllisonFeet Horn Craft I used the pen tool and played around with the gradients inBy: Roxy Adobe Illustrator. CompositionWaisunec The shoes are placed in the center since they are the main focus, and there is a sense of dimension that is created by the shoes sitting on the step stool and by the door in the back- ground. I wanted to play around with the gradients because I feel it really helps the image look closer to real life so that the lights and shadows are blended together rather than looking all choppy. My name is Roksanna Wasiunec but most people call me Roxy. This is my first year here at SXU. I am majoring in graphic design. my dream job would be to design album covers and posters for bands. the reason i would love that job is because i love both creat- ing and music so that would be the perfect job for me! ( the picture is of me at a concert). Craft: For this project we had to pick an image that we took and copy it in Adobe Illustrator. The way we did this was we made two layers. One layer was the picture that you see above and the second layer was all the pen marks that I made by layering the different parts onto the shoes. The way this illustration was able to come together was I would start at the background and work forward. The first move I made was the background (picture seen above). After that I would close that layer i just made so I could still see the original picture. After that I started to work on the shoe in the background (picture seen above). I went through the same steps for both the shoes, adding details in at the very end. The last step was to add gradients. Gradients really helped with making the imageappear 3-D and realistic.Composition: For this image i wanted to take advantageof the space. I decided to try and fill the whole page withthe shoes because I wanted the shoes to be the mainfocus of the image. When looking at this image the veiw-ers eye naturally will go left to right because the way the Conceptshoes are arranged make your eye veer in that direction. I tried to make the image look as close as I can to reality soThe shoes that’s in front is much brighter than the shoe that people can recognize the converse and think they lookin back which also helps out compositionally making the realistic.shoe in front more important than the one in back.Concept: The concept of this picture is shoes on concrete. The picture is actually of my sister and her boy-friend walking on the sidewalk. She asked me to take apicture of their matching blue Nike shoes, so I got low tothe ground and snapped a picture. KEEP 10 KEEP 11
  6. 6. NIKES On The Bed Harry PotterBy: Nico Krajecki BoxMy name is Nico Krajecki I’m a sophomore at St. XavierUniversity. I am undecided on my major; I’m thinking either By: RobertCriminal Justice or Business. Furlan Hey i’m Robert Furlan and I am a Freshman at SXU. My major right now is undecided but i plan to change that. For these pictures I took a picture of a shoe and used the pen tool and the eye drop tool to try to animate my exact picture onto Adobe Illustrator. The shoe’s color was all done by Illus- trator which tried to take the best example of the color of the shoe it could to make the image look as real as possible. I used outlines of each of the different sections of the shoe with the pen tool to create the picture. In this pictures, it started as a picture of a Nike shoe and with variations of stroke, color and design, I was able to change the picture entirely to make it look better. In the first picture I used a change in stroke of the outline of the shoelaces and the background to emphasize the shoe. The viewer should look at the shoelaces first and how they look unrealistic but stick outon the shoe to give the picture an all green look. With the the most. The different colors in the background are unimport-background all green and having a black circular object in the ant, they just add emphasis to the shoe and the laces. It is a nikemiddle of the page where the shoe is, it should draw the eye shoe with an outline around some of the shoe and laces. The Craft- to accomplish this goal I had to use many tools suchstraight to the shoe. The background is made from different second picture was made by using a design from Adobe Illustra- as the first picture will show you, the pen tool was a big partstrokes on the outlines of the objects, made to not draw too tor as the green background and using different shades of green of the formation of the piece i also had to use the stroke toolmuch attention to it. to make the lines more defined and different . In the next picture the tool I had to use was the opacity tool to make the colors less vibrant and then I again used the stroke tool to make the lines known. Finally in the last picture of the set i used the paint fill box to make the colors which catch the eye. Composition- When people see the art Ive made i want them to notice the different functions and layers the were made to see how much a picture can be altered with a few clicks. Concept- the concept of the art is to catch you eye and make it move around the picture in order to look t all of the details and the lines KEEP 12 KEEP 13
  7. 7. Downtown A WalkBuildings DowntownBy: Shawnita By: CHristianMontgomery Rosales Hello my name is Shawnita Montgomery. I am a freshmen at- tending Saint Xavier University. My major is graphic design. The history, study and culture of art has always grabbed my attention. Now I have the chance to make them a part of my life. I have taken graphic design, photography and digital art within my high school years and this is my opportunity to show off my work in college. I will do my best with every project that is brought to I’m Christian Rosales and a Freshman and Saint Xavier me and try my hardest to stay focused. I plan on learning and University. My major is undeclared, but I’m leaning towards advancing my artistic sides best as possible. Psychology. From middle to high school to present day, I’ve always been a good student. I get mostly A’s. I always do my Craft: In each photo I use an image of buildings (taken down- homework and am very studious. Many of my past teachers town, Chicago) and Adobe Photoshop. Specifically the pen tool have said that I’m respectful and a pleasure to have in the class. Although, I don’t really participate in class and sometimes turn in incomplete work or nothing at all. However, I’ve changed that and I make sure that my work is complete and turned in onwas used. time. I pay attention in class, but will occasionally start falling asleep. Other than that, I’m sure that I will be a positive addi-Composition: I want to viewers eyes to fall on the shapes being tion to your class. I help my classmates when they need it andadded with in the images. I want them to see both the colors and will make that class enjoyable not only for me but everyone.the shapes of each image as they change and increase in details. This will be a fun semester!Concept: The concept is multiple building and the sky. CRAFT: Using the pen tool, I traced the outlines of the build- ings and the sky. then moving from background to foreground, ICraft: Adobe Illustrator, the brush tool, color and color gradients traced a taxi, the street, and a person walking. I did all on Adobewere used in these images. Illustrator. Each outline was a different layer with a different color to represent what it was in the actual picture.Composition: I want the viewers eyes to focus on the differentcolors and the different strokes being used in each image. I also COMPOSITION: The first thing that want you to see is either thewant the to see how thick the lines are compared to the others. taxi because it is yellow and it stands out. However, it could be the second thing you see because it is on the far left. The nextConcept: Buildings of different colors and different strokes. closest thing that you would see is the person walking. But in the future i will make the colors darker to match the actual picture CONCEPT: A Night Downtown KEEP 14 KEEP 15
  8. 8. Visual Arts Center THE CRIBBy: LovetteFernandez By: Tomm Lovette Fernandez, and Im currently a senior student atSaint Xavier University, Chicago Illinois, majoring in Computer ZwaryczStudies and minoring in Business Administration. I finished myassociates degree at Moraine Valley Community College lastMay 2010 and graduated Cum Laude. I finished my elementaryschool and high school at Paco Catholic school in the Philip- My name is Tom Zwarycz. I went topines and graduated with honors. I believe that education is Saint Laurence High School and Ireally important, because it helps us to be the person we want to live in Chicago. I have taken 4 yearsbe in life. Until next time! :) of art in high school, one year being a computer graphics design class. I enjoy art and I also enjoy graphics design.I used my Nikon S60 camera Second, I created a layerto take a picture of the Visual where the original pictureArts Center. I took a picture is then another layer for myfrom an angle so when I place picture art. Third, I started In this work, I imported an imagemy picture on Adobe Illustra- tracing the outline of my taken from my phone (Nexus ent tool to add depth and shadetor it is going to be easier for picture by using the pen tool, One) into Adobe Illustrator. The where needed. Actual screenme to zoom in and out of the because it is always easier to original image can be seen above. shots of the progress of thispicture. I used the pen tool, work from the background to After importing, I traced over the work can be seen below. Eacheyedropper tool to trace my the foreground, so I can be image creating boxes and other day’s work is separated into bricks one by one and used the eyedropper tool to mimic the original different layers in the Illustra-art work. First, I put the VAC sloppy to the area where the shapes that represented parts of color of the bricks. For this exercise, Im trying to render the reality tor file in order to easily locatepicture in a folder then opened foreground is going to over- the original image. I used the line of my artwork from the original picture. I took off the tree on the a specific shape if needed. ThisAdobe Illustrator to make a lap the background. Fourth, I and rectangle tools in order to side, because I think it is not that important. Also, I added the bricks project took a combined totalnew page and saved it on the traced the details of the pic- create these shapes. I then used on the upper foreground of the building one by one like what I did of about 9 hours from start tofolder where the VAC picture ture and used the eyedropper the eyedropper tool capture the on the bricks. The concept of my artwork is our schools Visual Arts The two files has to be on tool to fill in colors closest to correct color and used the gradi- Center. I think it is interesting because it gives different angles and Ithe same folder because if not the original hue of the VAC can control the eyes of my viewer to go to different is not going to work fine. picture. Fifth, I traced the KEEP 16 KEEP 17
  9. 9. STREET CAR ... AND FINALLY MINEBy:Amy BEACH BASKETBALL My name is Amy Duffy. I am entering my junior year here at Saint Xavier. My major is Secondary Education/Art. I would like to get my masters degree in Special Education and eventually do Art Therapy and work with Au-Duffy tistic teenagers. My favorite mediums to use are pencil and paint. I enjoy working on larger scale pieces. I am not too computer savvy so I am very intimidated by this class but hopefully By: Giovanni Diaz I will learn a lot and maybe even obtain a new favorite medium by the end! When I was kidnapped, my parents snapped into ation. They rented out my room. -Woody Allen Hi my name is Giovanni Diaz, and this is my magazine, if you have not figured that out already. I am currently enrolled at Saint Xavier University, I am a Math Major and double Minoring in Science and Pre-Law. Academically I am a hard working student, and will try my hardest to get an A. The Highschool I went to was a boarding school in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. It’s name was Wayland Academy. I ended up here because I was put on the waiting list for a full ride at Harvard, but unfortunately Harvard I did not recieve it. So I came to Saint Xavier, because they gave me the full ride. For my object project I have chosen a picture of a streetcar. I took this photograph while visiting New Orleans and was fas- cinated by the vintage look of the streetcar against the modern city scape. Craft- The way I used my hand to compose this Craft: For this project I will be using Adobe Illustrator and the picture was by carefully ink tool. To fully capture this image I will be using large blocks following lines to draw of color and outlining each shape and filling it in. everything. The tools I used to create this piece was Composition: I want the viewer to be able to tell what the object Adobe Illustrator, and the is and how each part of it was made up. I want the viewer to pen tool. notice the steps I took, working from the back to the front, and the layering that eventually helped compose this piece. Composition- What I did to draw peoples attentionwas Concept: I want the viewer to easily understand what is going add different values of col- on in the picture and to notice all of the layering and overlap- ors. The background dark, ping taht is taking place. and then a little lighter as it the eye gets to the middle. Concept- What I want people to see when they see this picture is a beachball stuck in a basketball hoop during the day.KEEP 18 KEEP 19
  10. 10. ... CONTINUED CRAFT- The tools I used to create this drawing was Adobe Illustrator, and the pen tool. The way I used my hand to create this drawing was by carefully tracing the picture where this drawing originated. COMPOSITION- What I did with this picture to stand out more is to change the actual color of the sky to purple, and changed the the stroke of every different to flaurescent colors, and changed their fillings to purple. I did this because when I frst did it, I liked it, and so I applied it. Thankful- ly the other people in my class liked it and voted it to be one of the five to represent the class. CONCEPT- What I want people to think of when they see this picture is not only a beach ball stuck in a basketball hoop, but with different variations of colors, and hopefully they will like it as well.KEEP 20 KEEP 21
  11. 11. Even More Beachballs inBasketball Hoops What I tried to go with this picture, was to make it look like one of the old type of maps,of europe. The way I did this was by changing the color of the sky, to gold, the color of the clouds, to a metallic grey and black, the backboard and wires to green, the rim to a baroque red, and the beach ball to white and to have good transparency. I feel that it does like a map, because i pulled up one of those maps and put it up close to the drawing and I could see the resemblance. What I tried to go with this picture was to make it seem as if the whole thing was on fire. What i did to try make it look that way was by selecting all of the different layers of the picture, and changed the stroke. I changed the stroke to flames. To me I sorta feel that I accomplished it...but it is totally up to you. Let me know what you think. KEEP 22 KEEP 23
  12. 12. T E A P O T S By: Allison Horn Craft the effect of how the shadows In Adobe Illustrator I used the respond to light. paintbrush tool for the draw- ing. Since we were dealing Composition with hue for the class, I used I started the objects by build- the colors green and orange ing them up with only lines (green and red would have to the point that they became draw in this piece. One had the been too much of a contrast solid medium orange in hue. stick in it sticking up very high and would have looked too Then, for the value, I gradu- and the other one was much much like Christmas). The ally introduced lighter oranges shorter. I wanted to be able background was green and and darker oranges to create to create the images to look the objects were orange. I had 3 dimensional objects. There natural, even though I used to create two separate layers was enough contrast from the a lot of line gestures. I even so that the background would darker green background to the drew in shadows at the bottom be separate from the objects. orange in front that it caused to ground the objects in their When it came time for value, the objects to stand out in front surrounding space. I had to play around with dif- of the background. ferent levels of transparency since light and shadow are not Concept opaque on objects, but they are There were two objects toKEEP 24 KEEP 25
  13. 13. T E A P O T SBy: AmyDuffy Craft: I used long brushstrokes shape. already sets the teapot off from to build up the shape of each the background and the me- bottle. After building a general Concept: The concept for this dium I used was ebony pencil shape I went in and added piece was to take two compli- which helped make darker cross hatching lines to give mentary colors and set them harder lines and give the il- the shape more definition and against each other in an effort lusion of depth. I wanted the more structure. I layered line to show the different hues and viewer to understand that these after line. I started layering values and how they work to- pictures were teapots. I also with darker and lighter hues to gether and can help each other wanted the viewer to see the give the objects real shape and stand out. different values that give the three dimensionality. teapot depth and give it the il- For these artworks I used lusion of three dimensionality. Composition: The darker hues rapid movements of my hand. the artwork is about creating a help define the shadows on I created each teapot by using piece using minimal lines. the each object. By creating this different lines and applied challenge is to make the little value contrast between the different amounts of pressure amount of lines you have to medium tones and the darker changing the value of the line work with count so that you and lighter ones the objects in each picture. the use of the can get your point across. begin to stand out and take real dark ink on the light paper KEEP 26 KEEP 27
  14. 14. T E A P O T S By: Christian Rosales CRAFT: First I opened Adobe to dark orange. Here are the the green and orange in that Illustrator and began drawing results: the scale ranges from light to a green background which is dark. Like, for instance, in this going to be layer one. I used COMPOSITION: By using picture: between a 5 and 10 point brush light, dark, and even opposite to make the background full colors I have given my art con- CONCEPT: Now, even of fives. By using the color trast. As you can see from the though both vases, in real life, guide, I used different shades pictures above, the background are the same size, I decided of green. The shades ranged is a collaboration of green to draw one slightly bigger from light to dark green. Once colors. It’s hard to tell which than the other. The reason I that done, I made a new layer, green is which, but you can did this was because that is started drawing vases using tell that they are green or of a how I imagined them. I also a five point brush I drew two greenish hue. The same goes drew them so that they looked vases. Again, using the color for orange, but the third picture man-made. That’s the look I guide, I used different shades has an almost brownish hue was going for. Here’s what I of orange, ranging from light to it. You can see the value in created:KEEP 28 KEEP 29
  15. 15. T E A P O T S By: Jordan Juarez Craft- I used 2 different layers, one for my background and the other for my objects. I used the brush tool with a variation of sizes to make my drawing. Composition- I have darker values where the shade was in the drawing and lighter values one the highlights. The hue’s I used were orange and green. Monocromatic 2 was the pallet that i used to develope my different shades of my hue’s. Concept- The left is a shoter and wider bowl where as the one on the right is a longer and taller bottle. The objects sitting inside the objects are sticks making this drawing have some natural points of view. I created this awesome art work with my magnificant hand.KEEP 30 KEEP 31
  16. 16. T E A P O T S By: Nico Krajecki I created these pictures using Adobe Illustrator. With Adobe I used the pen and the pad for the computer. I used different shades of green to make the image as close to how it looked like. The main thing that was done for this was using differ- ent colors to show shading of an object. I used lines going different directions, some with different colors to bring out the shading the best I could to show the way the object looked under the light.KEEP 32 KEEP 33
  17. 17. T E A P O T SBy: Shawnita Montgomery Craft: For the following images I use Adobe Illustrator. The tools for this were the paint brush, color guide (using mul- tiple forms of color) and the the brush stroke. Also a glass bottle and small round vase was used, and a bright light to give the objects shades. Composition: I want my audience to see the growth of my images as they develop more color and detail. I way their eyes to fall on the shades and shadows as well as the shapes outline. Focus on the Hue’s and values of the images. The images were created for my computer graphics class recently and I want my growth or skills to be noticed as I try to advance my work to my best. Concept: The main focus of these im- ages are about a glass bottle and a small round vase with lots of shadows.KEEP 34 KEEP 35
  18. 18. T E A P O T S By: Roxy Waisunec Craft: to create these images I used illustrator. in Illustrator I chose the brush tool and and made two layers. The first layer was made with a green pallet and its all 5s. the second (bowls) layer was made with different size brushed ranging from .25-10. The color pallet used for that was orange monochromatic 2. Composition: The hue that was used in this was green and orange because they are on opposite side of the color spectrum. The image has a lot of darker values on the left side of the left image and right side as well. where on the op- posite side has a lot more lighter values. The reason the two colors were chosen were because they create a very nice contrast. Concept: the left image was a tall and wide vase that had natural lines and branches. The right side has a short more narrow vase with more lines and branches as well. both have natrual shapes to them.KEEP 36 KEEP 37
  19. 19. T E A P O T S By: Giovanni Diaz Craft - The tools I used to make this drawing were Adobe Illustrator, the paint brush, and different layers of color. The way I used my hand to make this drawing was by using lines to create the shapes of the drawing. Also I made the background by putting many different ways of writing five with different colors and size. Composition - I used different colors and sizes to not only create the background, but also to create the different shapes. I also used value in this drawing, which is the relationship be- tween these objects and light. Finally I used Hue and contrast of colors, to really make this drawing pop up and cath the eyes of the viewer; eventhough it is ugly. Concept - This drawing has an object that is tall and an object that is short. It also has an object that is natural and an object that is hand-made. What I want people to think when they see this drawing is a colorful drawing, with two handmade objects holding twigs. The way I set up these pictures, was by organizing them in chronological order. From how the teapots looked like when I took the first picture, and when I finished them.KEEP 38 KEEP 39
  20. 20. T E A P O T S By: Giovanni Diaz Craft - The tools I used to make this drawing were Adobe Illustrator, the paint brush, and different layers of color. The way I used my hand to make this drawing was by using lines to create the shapes of the drawing. Also I made the background by putting many different ways of writing five with different colors and size. really make this drawing pop up and cath the eyes Composition - I used of the viewer; eventhough different colors and sizes it is ugly. to not only create the drawing is a colorful background, but also Concept - This draw- drawing, with two hand- to create the different ing has an object that is made objects holding shapes. I also used value tall and an object that is twigs. in this drawing, which short. It also has an ob- is the relationship be- ject that is natural and an tween these objects and object that is hand-made. light. Finally I used Hue What I want people to and contrast of colors, to think when they see this KEEP 40 KEEP 41