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The Firm: services and people.

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M&I’s Presentation English

  1. 1. Introducing The Firm R e l . 0 1 / 2 0 1 3
  2. 2. The Firm M&I’s Studio Legale Marone e Ianni is established in September 2012 as a brand new Italian Law Firm, having its seat in Milan. The Partners, having a long and consolidated experience, intend to deliver its own clients high profile professional assistance, in the belief that within the current economic Italian environment, lawyers have to actively contribute in the development of the business activity of the clients. M&Is provides legal assistance in judicial and out-of-court matters, aiming at offering its clients the possibility to perform competitive and aware entrepreneurial choices, by adopting adequate and specific legal means. The Firm is composed by several professionals, having expertise in civil litigation matters, in national and international arbitration procedures, as well as in the field of corporate M&A transactions. Within an intentionally tight dimension of the Firm, Pierfrancesco Marone and Giovanna Ianni intend to use and develop their technical skills, in connection with their deep knowledge of the entrepreneurial and managing world, by providing legal on-going services, tailored to the clients’ expectations, qualifying themselves for the high professional standards and for their capacity to promptly respond to their needs. Both Partners have developed steady cooperation relationships of soft-networking with tax & legal professionals, in Italy and in other EU countries; within the litigation area, the Firm collaborates with a trustworthy selection of local lawyers. 2
  3. 3. ServicesLitigation and Credit Recovery Procedures National and international civil litigation, ordinary and special civil actions, according to the Italian civil procedure code, in any status (also before the High Court) and also by way of urgency, in particular in the following areas:• Financial and Banking Law: assistance to primary banking groups within the litigations raised with its own customers in connection to banking, investment and financial products and services• Corporate Law, with particular reference to claims against the directors, challenging the general shareholders’ resolutions or resolving on the yearly financial statements, complaints to the statutory auditors board and /or to Court, actions of protection of the rights of the minority shareholders• Judicial assistance for the protection of individual rights against insurance companies, with particular reference to indemnification claims; law suits on civil liability cases, involving material, moral, biological and punitive damages, also on cases of manufacturers’ liability• Injunction and enforcement procedures aiming at credit recovery over the whole Italian territory in favour of companies and banks• Mediation, ADR procedures, negotiation activities aiming at preventing judicial litigation and disputes• Arbitration procedures, with particular reference to real estate / commercial and corporate related matters 3
  4. 4. ServicesCommercial Law Legal activity aiming at drafting and negotiating the following commercial contracts:• Services (private and public tenders)• Supply, distribution and sale of goods and services• JVs• Loans and financing agreements• Real estate investment agreements• Leasing• Hotel Management• Franchising• General conditions of purchasing and sale• Automotive dealers agreements, post-sale service agreements• Merchandising, sponsoring, advertising agreements 4
  5. 5. ServicesM&A and Corporate Assistance in the following corporate related matters:• Transfer of corporate participations and business (M&A): drafting and negotiations of letters of intent, SPA, shareholders’ agreements and any other contractual document related to the transaction• Other corporate transactions: national and cross-border mergers, one single entity projects (restructuring activities of national and international corporate groups, including transfer of businesses, corporate transformation and setting up of business units, contributions in kind, etc.)• Assistance is delivered to Italian and foreign clients (directly in the local preferred language) in the conduct of the activities related the structuring of the operation, in due diligence processes (seller e buy-side), negotiations and contract drafting• Corporate governance e secretary activities: Drafting of articles of association and by-laws, shareholders’ agreements and corporate related documents Building up of corporate internal powers system, drafting of proxies and identification of the reporting decisional lines within the corporate management structure (drafting of internal corporate rules or similar documentation, along with the drafting of the proxies and of the related shareholders’ and board of directors’ meetings minutes Drafting of minutes of the shareholders and board of directors meetings, updating of the corporate books, coordination activity with Notary Publics, whenever necessary Setting up of companies, branches, units, etc. and accomplishment of the related formalities 5
  6. 6. ServicesBankruptcy and Insolvency Law – Debt Restructuring Procedures• Preparation and negotiation of debt restructuring agreements, reorganization plans, bankruptcy agreements, compositions with creditors, turnaround projects• Assistance in the different phases of the business crisis, including the management of the judicial claims connected to the bankruptcy procedures• Assistance to the entrepreneur in all phases prior to the opening of the bankruptcy procedure; recovery actions, claw-back actions, procedures of opposition to the bankruptcy declaration, late credit recovery actions; creditors’ assistance to any claim and/or action aiming at obtaining credits recognition within the bankruptcy debt mass 6
  7. 7. ServicesReal Estate Law• Sale and purchase transactions, spin-off, financing, setting up and development of real estate property contracts over the whole national territory, with particular reference to large retail areas and properties and hotel buildings• Drafting of rent agreements for commercial and private purposes, taking into account customers’ requirements pursuant to the in-force laws• Opinions on specific provisions in the rent agreements, ancillary to the law requirements and ruling the economic terms of the agreement• Assistance in court procedures due to the end of the rent or aiming at the recovery of the credits deriving by the non-fulfillment of the payment obligations under the rent agreement• Contractual and judicial assistance in the defense of the real estate ownership and other rights• Assistance in litigation (in and out court) among homeowners and within the relationships between homeowners and real estate property manager, also in case of opposition to homeowners’ meetings resolutions before the competent judicial authority 7
  8. 8. ServicesCompetition Law and Antitrust• Advise activity on competition law, on national and EU level, in and out of court• Drafting of opinions in order to: Coordinate and implement business decisions in compliance with antitrust Italian / European rules Execute with competing companies and entities appropriate agreements of distribution, association and cooperation of whichever kind• Drafting of the legally required notices to the Competition authorities• Opinions on EU competition law as enforced in the automotive sectorPersonal Data Protection Law (Privacy) Advise and opinions on the implementation of the rules concerning the personal data protection law; drafting of the legally required documents (notifications, appointments, etc.); due diligence activities in order to identify the most convenient privacy structure of the customers 8
  9. 9. The Partners Avv. Pierfrancesco Marone p.marone@maroneianni.itPierfrancesco establishes his firm in the year 2000, in Milano. Since then, he develops a long experience in litigationmatters, both before national courts and arbitration panels. He provides legal assistance in any kind of claim and inparticular in the areas related to banking and finance, as well as in corporate and real estate matters. Further,Pierfrancesco has gained significant experience in commercial law, specifically in the drafting and negotiation ofseveral agreements and understandings of different nature.Born in Milan, on September 16, 1968, he graduates in law in 1993, at the State University of Milan, admitted to theMilan Bar Association in 1996; he is admitted to plead at the High Court (Corte di Cassazione) on 2011.Languages: Italian and English 9
  10. 10. The Partners Avv. Giovanna Ianni g.ianni@maroneianni.itGiovanna is experienced in commercial and corporate law, and in M&A transactions. Her working activity hasdeveloped over the last 15 years within primary international tax & law firms; she has advised domestic andmultinational companies, on all matters related to corporate issues, mergers & acquisitions, and on corporategovernance re-structuring transactions; she has been dedicated to the performance of reorganization processes andon group structuring, including cross-border mergers and bankruptcy procedures implementation.Born in Naples, on February 24, 1967, graduates in Law at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in 1993;she is admitted to the Milan Bar Association on 1996.Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German and French 10
  11. 11. Avv. Pierfrancesco Marone Avv. Giovanna Ianni20122 Milano - Galleria Unione, 3 - Tel. +39 02 5412.1813 +39 02 5412.9337 - Fax +39 02 5519.1565 - www.maroneianni.it