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Sep182016Update About Ginger Google Slide Presentation


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Sep182016Update About Ginger Google Slide Presentation

  1. 1. ●Founder, Pain Warrior USA (501C3 pending) ●Operations Director, MITA (Marijuana Industry Trade Association) ●Board of Directors, MomForce AZ ●Management, SWCCE (SW Cannabis Conference & Expo) ●“Professional Patient” ●Creator, “Cannabis Could’ve Saved The King” Ginger Mace
  2. 2. My Story (in a Nutshell) ➢ Pain since age 10, physically very active in dancing and cheerleading ➢ Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999 (age 19) ➢ Treatment protocol consisted of numerous medications (try it and see if it helps) ➢ Went on like this until 2004 - decided to go down to the ‘as needed’ meds ➢ In 2007, moved to Arizona (better weather, more opportunity) ➢ In 2010, Arizona passed the current medical cannabis law ➢ Started researching medical cannabis, specifically for fibromyalgia and pain ➢ September 2014, I got my medical cannabis card ➢ Consulted dispensaries on marketing, which allowed me access to dozens of strains ➢ Continued research (including experimenting with strains), began helping other patients ➢ Summer 2015, became involved in cannabis advocacy ➢Started medical cannabis education at various events
  3. 3. Credentials ● Medical Cannabis patient since 2014 ● Nationwide Medical Cannabis Educator and Patient Advocate ● Guest & content provider for radio & TV shows, newspapers, other media ● Guest Teacher for Cannabis Career Institute, Staff MMJ / Herbal Risings ● Speaker at Arizona cannabis events and group meetings ● Activist / Advocate for Patient Rights to Effective, Reasonable Treatment ● Opiate Withdrawal & Cessation Using Natural/OTC Remedies Educator
  4. 4. The Pain Warrior USA Story ● I had so many questions before becoming a medical cannabis patient… ● The dispensaries weren’t always able to answer my specific questions… ● There was so much cannabis information on the internet to sort through… ● I knew I couldn’t be the only one with questions... Between the doctor and dispensary was a missing component…... Chronic Pain Patient Advocacy Medical Cannabis Education
  5. 5. URGENT UPDATE - CDC / DEA / SURGEON GENERAL Recently, access to pharmaceutical relief for chronic pain patients has come under fire, making medical cannabis education more important than ever! ● March 2016: CDC released guidelines regarding chronic pain treatment that doctors are regarding as if they were a new law. ● Ongoing: DEA is investigating LEGITIMATE pain clinics and opioid prescribing doctors because they write opioid prescriptions. These doctors are not permitted to practice medicine while these investigations are being done. ● August 28, 2016: Surgeon General released to the public and mailed to over 2 million doctors his “request” and prescribing card information that doctors stop prescribing opiate medications unless for active cancer, palliative, and end-of-life care. ● On August 31, 2016: DEA announced intent to put kratom on Schedule 1 on 9/30/16. ● INSYS Therapeutics donated $500,000 to the cannabis prohibition effort in AZ, Discount Tire donated $1M, wife of D-Backs owner donated $100K. Charities could use this money for good! Wasting it fighting our God-given rights is ludicrous!
  6. 6. URGENT UPDATE - CDC / DEA / SURGEON GENERAL The Impact Will Be Astronomical Already, chronic pain patients are panicked, don’t know where to turn for help, and considering ending their lives rather than dealing with their intractable pain without treatments that allow them some quality of life. I have been counseling and helping patients through medical cannabis and natural remedies education, as well as providing assistance through their horrible withdrawal symptoms due to abrupt cessation of the dose of opioids they were taking for chronic pain. Pain sufferers are seriously contemplating suicide. There will be countless more in 2017 (DEA has ordered decreased opioid production). Kratom, cannabis, and CBD from hemp can, do, and will help! We must help those we can with information, educational opportunities, and compassion.
  7. 7. “Access to natural and effective relief from cannabis, kratom, and other naturally- derived remedies has never been more important than it is right now. I’m deeply concerned that with no relief from their doctors, cannabis being illegal in over half this country, and threats to ban botanicals like kratom, exponentially more patients in pain will give serious consideration to ending their lives. Some have chosen to do so already - a choice that was preferable to dealing with severe, intractable, unrelenting pain and no quality of life. To me, this is an absolutely unacceptable situation, considering we have botanicals and naturally-based options that we do not have the freedom to use due to reasons that never made sense in the first place. We must help those we can with information, educational opportunities, and compassion.” Ginger Mace