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Taking your business into the future

Using today's social and digital tools are necessary to take your business into the future. Most consumers are ahead of businesses in their adoption of new technology. Content and social marketing are critical pieces to today's business success.

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Taking your business into the future

  1. 1. TAKING YOUR BUSINESS… INTO THE FUTURE November 2015 Gina Schreck - President, SocialKNX @GinaSchreck
  2. 2. In the Beginning…We Got Connected And Never Looked Back @GinaSchreck
  3. 3. Google Gave Us Search in the Mid-Nineties @GinaSchreck
  4. 4. Apple Made Us SMART @GinaSchreck
  5. 5. WWW Whatever information we want Wherever we are Whenever we want it @GinaSchreck
  6. 6. Digital Darwinism: When Technology is Advancing Faster Than People Can Keep Up @GinaSchreck
  7. 7. 1: 3 Will Be UnEmployable in the next 5 years Because they can’t (or won’t) evolve @GinaSchreck
  8. 8. “If today’s social tools are not in your blood it is difficult to imagine their power and use them for good.” ~Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google @GinaSchreck
  9. 9. Leaders Must Start Holding Their Teams Accountable for Embracing Today’s Tools or They Will All Go Down Together @GinaSchreck
  10. 10. “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, someone else will” ~ Steve Jobs @GinaSchreck
  11. 11. STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA • 7+ Billion People • 6 Billion have mobile phones • 4 Billion have flushing TOILETS! • 1.5 Billion on Facebook • 78% of Facebook Users on MOBILE • 380 Million on LinkedIn – 107 Million in US • 320 Million Twitter Users • 100 Hours of Video Uploaded to YouTube every 60 SECONDS! @GinaSchreck
  12. 12. DIGITAL NATIVES are those 35 or younger. Don’t necessarily LOVE technology, but don’t know a world without it. @GinaSchreck
  13. 13. Digital Immigrants are those over 35 who have to decide whether to enter and embrace this new digital world or stay behind and become extinct @GinaSchreck
  14. 14. You Might Be a Digital Immigrant @GinaSchreck
  15. 15. Let’s Get On Board @GinaSchreck
  16. 16. Building Your Power Brand with Today’s Tools @GinaSchreck
  17. 17. Great Resource Who Will Others Say You Are? @GinaSchreck
  18. 18. @GinaSchreck
  19. 19. Twitter Best Practices @GinaSchreck
  20. 20. Follow Smart People Share Smart Content Build Smart Relationships @GinaSchreck
  21. 21. Facebook Best Practices @GinaSchreck
  22. 22. Connect with Potential Clients (when appropriate) Follow Business Pages of Clients & Prospects Build Relationships @GinaSchreck
  23. 23. LinkedIn Best Practices @GinaSchreck
  24. 24. Be FINDABLE (add keywords to your profile) Be ACTIVE (update, post, like other’s content) Be CONNECTING (add new people to your contacts weekly) @GinaSchreck
  25. 25. Use the Right Tools to save time and sanity @GinaSchreck
  26. 26.  Sprout Social or Hootsuite (Manage)  Flipboard (Currate)  Pulse (Currate)  Evernote (Jot post ideas) @GinaSchreck
  27. 27. Tools to Watch Blab Snapchat Facebook Notes & More @GinaSchreck
  28. 28. Be Adventurous @GinaSchreck
  29. 29. SocialKNX is a content marketing and social media management agency, helping you connect to your world. Contact us for a social marketing audit or to get help today! 800-556-5927 or