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Support presentation for Instructional Design project.

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Course ppt

  1. 1. Digital Scrapbooking – From Organization to Printing Gina Myers
  2. 2. Scanning and Organization • Scanning photos or keepsakes • Recommended dpi for printing • Establishing organization that works
  3. 3. Organize by year or special event
  4. 4. Within the year, separate by months or specific dates
  5. 5. Each folder will have photos with events or celebrations in common, making it easy to plan layouts.
  6. 6. Another type of folder you may include is one for scans of things like maps, tickets, stickers, fabric, medals, book covers. These add interest and texture to your albums.
  7. 7. Scrapbooking Elements
  8. 8. Scrapbooking Elements
  9. 9. Quickpages • Easy • Fast • Short learning curve
  10. 10. Process Flow Organize Collect Plan Create Publish • Scan photos • Scan keepsakes • Categorize logically • Quickpages • Digital supplies • Templates • Identify subject of album • Order the layouts – chrono., alpha., etc. • Using quickpages, templates, or other supplies, get photos and keepsakes onto pages • Decide on media • Place your layouts in folder in correct order • Publish
  11. 11. Online resources