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Mauna Kea


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A presentation on the Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Kea.

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Mauna Kea

  1. 1. Original Drawing by: Lisa Koyanagi käkou kuahiwi la’a O’ Mauna Kea ko
  2. 2. The Hawaiian IslandsSE end of Hawaiian-Emperor seamountchainChain is 1,600 miles longAmount of IslandsLonely Islands
  3. 3. Hawai’i’s Volcano’s“Volcano Island”“Hot Spot” – Plume TailBasaltsLatest activity - Lö`ihi
  4. 4. Map by: UH graduate student Nathan Becker
  5. 5. Mauna KeaEstimated Age: ≈1 million years oldLocation: 19.82°N, 155.47°WHighest Volcano in Hawai’i – 13,796Pu’u WekiuTallest Mountain in the WorldSize – 22.8% of Hawai’iLatest eruption≈3,500 years ago Dormant, but not extinctLava: Primarily Tholeiitic Basalt
  6. 6. Post ShieldClassification of Post Shield-BuildingStage Low eruption rates Absence of summit caldera Steep and irregular topography Different chemical composition of lava
  7. 7. Post ShieldTransition from Shield Stage about200,000-250,000 years agoRock type in cap 70% Hawaiite 25% Alkalic Basalt 5% Ankaramite
  8. 8. Pähoehoe and ‘A’ä USGS photo by: JD Griggs
  9. 9. Pyroclastics Photo by: F. PetersonPele’s Tears Pele’s Hair
  10. 10. USGS photo by JD Griggs
  11. 11. White MountainOnly Hawaiian volcano known to beglaciatedThree glacial episodes since≈150,000-200,000 years agoLast IceAge formedLake Waiau
  12. 12. Lake WaiauHeight: 13,020 feetLocation: Pu’u WaiauAge: about 15,000 years
  13. 13. White MountainIncrease inrainfall or decreasein temperature Current Snowfall
  14. 14. Poli’ahuSnow Goddess
  15. 15. PeleFire Goddess”Throwing atemper tantrum”Halemau’ma’ucraterOfferings
  16. 16. EarthquakesRelation toeruptionsSize
  17. 17. TsunamisTriggered by major disturbanceof ocean floorDeep Ocean vs. Shallow Water Height Distance SpeedHawaiianTsunamis
  18. 18. Future Eruptions?Likely to erupt againPeriods between eruptionslong compared to activevolcanoes (Hualälai, Mauna Loa,Kïlauea)Detection
  19. 19. ObservatoryWorld’s best place to doAstronomyKeck ObservatoryDamage to Volcano
  20. 20. Mälama Mauna KeaMost sacred placesAdz QuaryAhu
  21. 21. Palila Wekiu Silverswordmämane
  22. 22. Mahalo nui loaAloha, a hui hou aku!
  23. 23. Photo from: NASA’s STS-51 mission
  24. 24. Ski HawaiiSki HawaiiSki ClubWho should nottravel to the summitImportant needsAcclimation andaltitude sicknessClimateMauna Kea Weather Center