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Breeding Innovation Within A Startup Community


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My presentation on Breeding Innovation for a conference I am speaking at. My take is from the building a startup community point of view.

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Breeding Innovation Within A Startup Community

  1. 1. Bree dingInnova tion by fos teringtec hno logy with comm unity mento rship & cation Gina Lujan ed u
  2. 2. Letter o f inspi ration creativity world with People can change the andinnovation. reators andWe are all c e are in theinn ovators. W eves era”.“roll up your sle hangesAs our e conomy c p eo p le a r e looking to ir ex rness the ploit and ha od on the talent s to put fo e and to be in control of tabl their lives. er y ex c it ing time” “It’s a v Gina Lujan
  3. 3. W ho Am I?Ia m... d an entr epreneur.a mom of 6 , a wife an der of Hac k er L a b .I am also the FounI <3 te c h I love PE ! OPLE gs! make thin I love to
  4. 4. What is?#Hack er Lab k space, an re a commu nity, a worWe a vement.o rganization, and a mo February 2 4th, 2012Founded on 010,unity Me o Q FTucation 00ntSrship & EdComm ups with 7 New Jobs esidents with 10 Start25 R s who are.. communit y memberOver 500 epreneurs! ators Crea tors & Entr Innov
  5. 5. novation FormulaM y Bre eding InEx citement Co mmun i tySpace + + + =INNOVATION
  6. 6. s Tech Co mmunity Building A Grassroot Item s Needed Bugle Horn Beacon Real Tech Stuff Shout! r Com munityBe You & Be You E ngage & p eo p le” Care about“ Wo rkshops InteractL isten Cool Events Fill the “NEED”Open Forums Work TOGETHERGive Own ership Have Fun
  7. 7. mmunity men torshipco & PRO MOTE ed ucation Bus iness Includi ng Youth Ig nite Entr epreneurs vangelize hubs & eventse platform vide thete logy chno can. Pro Any way you INSPI RE Inno vation
  8. 8. “THINK BIG!” “It takes a VILLAGE” futureeis “The all th up to YOUs” Fo o d for thought
  9. 9. B e Pa ssio nate INNOVATIONabouta nd sha re theen thusi asm :) It ’s Co ntagious!
  10. 10. #Hacke r Lab’sAwesome Co-F ounders Char les Blas Eric Ul lrichHacke r Make r Space Startup Dev
  11. 11. Tha ou! nk Y riends :) t’ s B e F Le in/ginalujan Gina Lujan“Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do” ~Rumi