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EPIC systems vs Allscripts

This presentation offers a a short description of the differences between EPIC Systems and Allscripts. The comparison shows percentages that has been taken from KLAS. This is just an overall information between the two EHR's.

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EPIC systems vs Allscripts

  1. 1. Consultant Proposal by Gina D.
  2. 2. • 100+ Physicians FTE, 10 practices with 15 specialties • North Dakota. Patients are increasing and expanding health practice. • First implementation 1998 with McKesson practice partner. • Need replacement of current EHR. Issues with capabilities and Software is inadequate for the practice. Health Medical Associates • Strategy “Rip and Replace”. Interoperable between departments • CPOE,EHR Management Clinical Decision support, e-prescribing, workflow, data integrity, electronic forms, Mobile device support, platform support. • Certified EHR vendor and provide training Situational Analysis
  3. 3. • Implement to its 15 practices and specialties. • Implementation can take up to 6 months to be fully integrated. • EHR should be fast and use secure. • Compatible with systems. • Compliant to modern technology. PLAN • Increase patient quality care • Attestation through Meaningful Use. • Improve clinical decision support • Exchange data through an Interoperable system • Decrease waiting time • Increase net gross and revenues Health Medical Associates
  4. 4. LOREM IPSUM Data 1 Data 2 Strategic Planning Identify risk Management Turn over strategy Create a Project Overview and Migration Path Strategic Goals
  5. 5. Patient Data Capture Functions Functional Multiple Users Simultaneously and office locations Patient Data Management Supports Growth Charts E- Prescibing/ Ordering Function Notification of drug interactions / indication checking Enables processing refills and renewals Customized workflows by provider / physician Print out diverse documents from different screens Generates Smart Lists (Add items as you type) Record and Visualize Scan Images Coding Update- Current diagnosis and procedure codes Signing Authentication Provide access online to patients to actual EHR- Patient Portals 321 evaluation of vendors High/ Above Average - 3 Average/ Medium - 2 Below Average -1
  6. 6. Interoperability Functionality Telemedicine Technical support/Service Training Attestation through Meaningful Use Attractive Interface Easy of use General TOTAL WEIGHT 77 65 High/ Above Average - 3 Average/ Medium - 2 Below Average -1 1016 206 Data 4Data 1 Data 2 1016 206 Data 4Data 1 Data 2 1016 206 Data 4Data 1 Data 2 1016 206 Dat a 4 Dat a 1 Dat a 2
  7. 7. 1016 206 Data 4 Data 1 Data 2 1016 206 Data 4 Data 1 Data 2 1016 206 Data 4 Data 1 Data 2 Workflow through structure data E- prescripti on brings errors Product Financial Burden Smart Phrases Uses Sipnus Lab & Rad Easy impleme ntation I-Cloud Integrate d system for history Links through web portal Task to Task Can take time Time consumin g Excellent training expensive
  8. 8. Platform can be dysfuncti onal Overlaps with medication reconciliati on e- prescriptio n difficult Too many clicks for single task Not User friendly interface Updates ICD-10 Difficult to resolve issues Difficult to customiz ation Cover every specialty Does not Nickel and Dime
  9. 9. Market Share 2014
  10. 10. • EPIC provides excellent features. Lacks of Interoperability. • Downfall is the money burdensome for the organization. Product is not negotiable. Employees can loose positions. • Competes with Epic. • Certified vendor • Budget wise-> More affordable • Easy to implement • Deployment web based • Customization for each user • Interoperable • Excellent customer service • Provide trainings. • User- friendly • Cloud based • No maintenance Health Medical Associates