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  • 2 years ago our students were mainly texting, listening to music, emailing and on facebook with their phones- now they are venturing out a bit and using the phone to call people, take their pictures and set alarms-the bad news is texting has also increased. I show a slight increase in the use of weather apps… probably wondering when they are going to have a snow day!
  • Course tech conf_2013_ppt_mobile_technology_bowers-miller

    1. 1. Course Technology Annual ConferenceUsing Mobile Technology in the Classroom and Beyond Professor Gina M. Bowers-Miller, M.Ed, LPC Harrisburg Area Community College, Harrisburg, PA
    2. 2. Presentation Topic Using Mobile Technology in the Classroom and BeyondThis presentation will share the use of mobile applications and devicesin a computer course at Harrisburg Area Community College. CIS 145,"Using Mobile Technologies" explored apps for tablets, laptops and cellphones. Students in this course completed a group project using &comparing 3 different mobile devices & apps. The projects and resultswill be shared as well as an overview of the favorite apps from theclass. Projects included Mindmapping, Zombie Preparedness, Cloud-based projects and more.~ Gina Bowers-Miller, Harrisburg Area Community College Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
    3. 3. Harrisburg Area Community College CIS 145, “Using Mobile Technologies”1. Apps – Classroom Demo’s – Course Wiki – Group Projects – Favorites2. Mobile Devices – Student Survey • Droid over iPhone • iPad wins • How students are using their devices3. Lessons Learned Mike Fisher-
    4. 4. Welcome to CIS 145 Using Mobile Technologies• Emergence of Mobile Technologies in Web 2.0, 3.0, and beyond• The mobility and evolving nature of these technologies• Popularity and usefulness• Hands-on exploration of the devices and mobile applications• Integrating these emerging technologies into their everyday life _________________________________________________In the beginning…..
    5. 5. Two Major Projects1. Group Project Requirements:• 3 different mobile devices• 3 related apps or software programs – online photo album using a cell phone and an iPad and comparing Picasa, Photobucket & Shutterfly, or creating and posting your resume to a job site using a minimum of 3 different devices and 3 or more related resume builder / storage sites, a Wiki used for group project• Each member - test 3 different apps• Each member - use different type of device• Create a “sample” of that app ----- Calendar system, Music streaming, Project Wiki, feed reader2. Classroom Demo• Explore an app related to the chapter topics- something new to you…• Demonstrate the app to the class, describing your experience• How could this app be useful for you or your classmates or on the job
    6. 6. Welcome to CIS 145 Using Mobile Technologies
    7. 7. No longer available- a lesson
    8. 8. Class Articles
    9. 9. Class Links
    10. 10. Lectures & Content
    11. 11. Classroom Demo
    12. 12. Group Projects
    13. 13. Mobile Apps - Links
    14. 14. Mobile Devices in Education - Links
    15. 15. Evolving Content• Useful?• Works on multi-platforms?• Create & show sample?• How would you rate it?• Would YOU use it?
    16. 16. Group Projects -- News AggregatorsOrganization-- * Get It Done * * G-Tasks * Tasks Plus Presentation: Photos--
    17. 17. Group Projects• ITTT – (if this than that)• Cozi Organizer• Wellness- • MindMeister
    18. 18. Zombie Survival IPreparing for adisaster, games,and exerciseapps …
    19. 19. Zombie SurvivalIt’s REAL- even the CDC says so… Group Website:
    20. 20. Photo Collage & Word Clouds Study guides, posters, key words, creative expressionOrganizeyour photoswith flare!
    21. 21. Class Articles- A Changing Wiki~ Website that allows anyone to add, delete, or revise content by using a web browser.~ Hawaiian wiki to hurry; quick, fast … We discovered a glitch in Wikispaces…
    22. 22. Class Links-A Changing Wiki
    23. 23. So Many Apps.. So Little Time!!!
    24. 24. Favorites Favorite Sites/Apps Videos • Web and Random Acts of• Lastpass- password saving vault Kindness – Jonathan Zittrain,• Box & Dropbox cloud storage vA• Spotify - music streaming• Seat Guru – airline seat review • The Machine Is Us/ing Us - Michael Wesch,• Trip Advisor- trip planning-reviews _g&list=PL01C06F0B5E2B9EE4&index=1• – apps, apps, and more• LoseIt – Weight Loss-Fitness • Common Craft Videos –• Invisible Hand- Shopping• Prezi- Slide show Lee LeFever-
    25. 25. LastPass Secure, encrypted vault… access online or with client..
    26. 26. Symbaloo- A visual method of organizing your favorite sites!
    27. 27. Mobile Devices• Devices
    28. 28. Emerging Mobile Technology
    29. 29. Survey ClassesFall 2011 & Spring 2013
    30. 30. Most Frequent Phone Tasks 2011 2013 1. Email 60% 38% 2. Facebook 50% 44% 3. Call family/friends 50% 69% 4. Pictures 45% 47% 5. Set Alarms 70% 44% 6. Texting 80% 88%
    31. 31. Tablet Tasks 2011 2013 Favorites1. Email 67% 67%2. Facebook 33% 50% • Email3. D2L/LMS 33% 50% • More specific uses than general surfing4. Listen to Music 33% 50% • E-textbooks5. Check Weather 0% 50% ________________6. E-Textbooks 0% 17% • Main workhorse7. Surf the Web 100 % 33% device is computer or laptop • Not a Mobile Device…Yet!• Own a tablet 16% 18%
    32. 32. Lessons Learned1. Wikispaces cannot be edited by more than 1 person at a time!2. All teams are not created equal3. Apps go away & sites change4. Wikispaces cannot be edited by more than 1 person at a time!!5. What was free yesterday may cost today6. If it can go wrong, it probably will… during finals week7. Why doesn’t this work? Sometimes it cannot be explained!8. Wikispaces cannot be edited by more than 1 person at a time!!!
    33. 33. In the “Real” World…
    34. 34. Contact Information• Professor Gina M. Bowers-Miller, M.Ed., LPC Harrisburg Area Community College• My assistant Mango, & her X-Box! – ex-box… • Thank You to the students in CIS 282A~CIS 145, Spring 2011 - Spring 2013, for your hard work & allowing me to share it!• Link:•