Counselor inservice presentation technology


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Counselor inservice presentation technology

  1. 1. Technology To Make Your Life Easier Counselor In-service October 9, 2012 Professor Gina M. Bowers-Miller
  2. 2. • Do you have too many passwords to remember?• Do you use more than 1 device? – laptop, tablet, phone, desktop PC?•• Cautions: – Go to Preferences, Security…log-off settings! – Don’t autofill you sites if you share the computer
  3. 3. 1. Do you forget where you saved your files?2. Ever go to a meeting and wished you would have brought a document with you?3. Do you share documents with workgroups & teams?•
  4. 4. • Sync Folders •Desktop Icon •You can simply drag your files to Dropbox to save them…
  5. 5. Screen Sharing & Online Meeting
  6. 6. More Resources…••• ers#Web_2.0_For_Teachers/Welcome•;jse ssionid=8E9F0C5B143C3B7F57606CC8EAF851F5?