Police in Georgia


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Police in Georgia

  1. 1. Group # 20074726 Gimranova KamilyaPOLICE inGEORGIA
  2. 2. • In year 2004Right after the election of new president Saakashviliall enforcement officers were fired. The primary target forreformatory were the Road Police. The ultimatum wasgiven by Mr. Saakashvili “If there will be still bribes onroads, then right after the Minister of Inner affairs allpolicemen will be fired”
  3. 3. • In first months of patrols there were many cases related with taking bribes and the facts were spread all over the media, these cases were publically available and provided by secret agents who made video records.• For instance, if a policemen took bribe for the amount of $50 he would be sentenced for 10 years of prison. It was continuing till the moment when colleagues understood that they cannot survive like that any longer.• So, for the first day of “Patrol Police Law” 15000 policemen lost their jobs.• 3 months Georgia lived without Road Inspection (Patrol Police)• For this period they were hiring absolutely new young staff without police background. At the end 85% of all staff were renewed.• For your interest in Russia by the year 2012 they expect to cut only 20% of their Police staff.
  4. 4. • For all new staff of Patrol Police by thousands of units were provided by new cars-Volkswagen Passat, Opel and Skoda, in order to increase the stimulus for chase the criminals• It is understandable that criminals were sent to prison starting from thief and finishing with white- collar• The outcome/result was just incredible, people could just walk on the streets without any fear, people could leave their cars with opened doors and windows and with keys inside!!! That is the strong result of reform. So you see that everyone knew the responsibility and consequences.
  5. 5. • Across the whole Georgia all police departments moved to: some-to villas of ex-white-collars, white-collars who escaped after this Law of Anti-Corruption and organized crimes in Georgia, but in general government built separate buildings which was designed by special order of Mr. Saakashvili. The main feature of new buildings were it’s total transparency.
  6. 6. • It took some time in order to exclude corruption from the minds of officials. Head of Ministry of Inner Affairs Shota Utiashvili about the reform told the following “The major consequences of this reform was the real Combating with corruption itself within Georgia. We warned the policemen that for taking bribes they will forced to go to prison” . So, as the result only in year 2005 about 200 staff of police were prisoned for bribes. In year 2006 even more, and only after that policemen caught for bribe were decreasing by it’s size.
  7. 7. • The Second Important aspect in anti-corruption was primarily delt with the dramatic increase in amount of salary for all officers in Ministry of Inner Affairs. For instance, in 2004 my salary was about $70 but now my salary is $1610. So my salary grew by 23 times.• Thirdly, the heads stopped asking for kind of “taxa” from their subordinates-part of taxa they took for themselves and the rest were giving to the higher hierarchy. For instance, at Shevarnadze’s power time there were about 70000 people working for Ministry of Inner Affairs, however, now when Saakashvili came to the power there is about 16000. Totally new, young trained people and highly motivated.
  8. 8. • On of the last outcomes in reform of Ministry of Inner Affairs and Police especially was new system of recruiting. For example, in period of Shevarnadze newcomer to Police was obliged to give bribe but now there is no such issue at all. Moreover, now if want to be in police you have to pass 4steps of selection process, consisting of many tests.• Besides the monitoring the Road, Patrol Police must react on any signal, would it be mobile loss, fight or rape. So that now we have about 100 Patrol Police monitoring the streets and safety on the streets. What is interesting is that in case of crime they could reach the target no late than 2-3 minutes. And each of the patrol police team is responsible for their block or sector. If there will be no police at that sector at the moment of crime and in short period of time they could lose their jobs.”
  9. 9. • By drawing the conclusion the example of Georgia’s Police Reform showed the prestige of Police as the government body, it’s independence and it’s fairness. So, Police in Georgia as in all civilized countries is Civic, Democratic, Honest and they work for citizens, and working for the safety of government. Thus new radical methods on example of Georgia shows the incredible results. Police as the grant of safety!