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Training 2011 Event Marketing Trade Show Case Study


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Training 2011 Event Marketing Trade Show Case Study

  1. 1. Event Marketing Case Study Training 2011 Conference & Expo San Diego, California February 2011About Gilmore Global About Gilmore DoculinkSince 1993, Gilmore Global has provided the full range Gilmore Doculink is an industry leader in Relationshipof print supply-chain solutions to help the world’s Marketing strategies and deployment services, Invoiceleading companies get their products to markets & Statement production services, and Print & Mediaworldwide. Our hosted solutions give our customers solutions. Leveraging our creativity and experience weaccess to all the advanced systems and services connect directly with some of the most progressivetheir businesses demand, from enterprise content companies worldwide, working collaboratively tomanagement and web-based information delivery to achieve their corporate goals. Our focused product suitetraditional print and fulfillment. allows us to offer our clients thoughtful, professional expertise for any data driven communication www.gilmoredoculink.com1.800.795.6661 1.800.693.3367
  2. 2. 2011 Campaign Objective Message and Creative Strategy Results • Introduce Gilmore Global’s eVantage training solution • Introduce Gilmore Global to prospects prior to the actual The results were impressive. Out of more than 1300 • Drive traffic to the booth (lead generation) event (Training Conference 2011) in San Diego by means of prospects in the target list, 7.3% completed the survey • Collect prospect data with a PURL mail piece (lead a simple personalized mail piece, with a PURL, highlighting and an additional 7.6% visited the Gilmore Global generation) the benefits of eVantage and invitation to our booth. booth. This accounted for over 14% total show traffic to • Push prospects to a Microsite continuing the personal the booth as qualified leads. conversation started with the DM pieceTarget Audience • Re-enforce the company’s position as the solution-leader in Responder Follow up • Attendees to Training Conference 2011 courseware production and evolution Respondents to the survey will receive a personalized • Refer a friend letter and info pack providing detailed information about the product. There will be a letter for those who Personalized postcard Audience visited booth Post-show email Contest did not take the survey but did visit the booth.Offer Audience consisted of the PURL Survey Follow up letter pre-show list provided by and PURL link survey Training 2011 Expo Survey prompt to be Qualifying survey Entered into draw for Post-show list Training 2011, select prompt included in draw questions and contest Apple iPad purchased from • A chance to win an Apple iPad. current customers and a few qualified leads as Variables: Name, Company, Address, PURL info Training 2011 Non-Responder Follow up address provided by our sales reps This audience will be included in our next Direct MailCampaign Structure campaign.Each recipient received a 5” x 7” direct mail piece thatincluded a Personal URL (PURL),( which directed the 14% Campaign 38 peoplerecipient to a Welcome Page requesting the client “give 2.83% completedus a few minutes” to continue to a survey to answer afew questions about their specific training strategy. Asan incentive respondents would be placed in a draw for 0) Response Rate 134the chance to win an Apple iPad. w( list – Letter content based on responses from (received the DM piece and visited o -sh Pre survey questionsAt the Gilmore Global booth, conference attendees 7.31% our Training 2011 booth)were provided with a 6” x 8” hand out featuring a Du rin g/Common URL (, and listing the af te r sh owproduct benefits of eVantage. Audience Direct Mail 60 people 4.48% completed Postcard 1340 peopleThe campaign pages matched the look and feel of thedirect mail piece providing continuity and familiarity. Post-showWelcome Page: 162 people 12.09% visited booth email • Invite to qualify for the prize by taking a short survey 102 did not complete General content & overviewSurvey/Questionnaire: post-show survey • 5 questions that would provide a brief understanding of the clients training needs.Profile Update Page: No response from pre-show Expo DM campaign • Refresh or confirm personal informationThank you Page Post-show • Message: See you at the show Direct Mail campaign Successful DM with PURL postcard CURL postcard at show Visit to booth Product brochure Post-show letter Campaign