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Online Marketing - Doing it Right

Presentation by Launch4Life about the Online Marketing Machine.

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Online Marketing - Doing it Right

  1. 1. Online Marketing – Doing it Right Presented by Janet M. Elie, Launch4Life
  2. 2. • Online Marketing Machine • Components of the Machine • Making it Work for Sales Agenda
  3. 3. Online Marketing Machine • What is it? • Outbound – Inbound? • Why it is important to your business? • How do they work together? • Who loses if you don’t?
  4. 4. Online Marketing Machine
  5. 5. Target Market Defining Your Avatar Workbook 1 Defining Your Avatar Workbook Know who your Avatar (Ideal Client) is
  6. 6. Defining Your Avatar Step #1. Target Market Definition: Group of specific customers for your product or service. Example: Digital Marketers, ages 35-60, do their own tech, like being in control, Income of 100K+
  7. 7. Step #2. Negative Client Definition: Who is not a good fit. Just never happy. Example: Someone you said is your “nightmare” client un-coachable, can’t focus, no money. Defining Your Avatar
  8. 8. Step #3. Ideal Customer Definition: ONE specific person from your target market Example: Barb (age 50, Children’s Author, 250K income, hungry to learn new things, techie, wants to control her brand) Defining Your Avatar Your messaging is to this ideal customer
  9. 9. Social Media
  10. 10. Social Media Select the right platforms for both YOU and Your Avatar
  11. 11. Email Marketing
  12. 12. Email Marketing Program Permission Based Email Templates Newsletter Templates Auto Responders Landing Pages Analytics Lead Magnet Goal is to Build That List – Your List is Everything
  13. 13. Website
  14. 14. Website Website Success Website Domain How do I help you? Does it show authority? What Do I sell? Is it clear how to buy? Email subscribe and lead magnet?
  15. 15. Traffic (SEO)
  16. 16. The Right Traffic to Your Website Yelp, Bing, Google My Business Page, Association Sites Traffic (SEO) GOOGLE KEY WORDS BACKLINKS OPTMIZED WEBSITE
  17. 17. Website HELP Traffic (SEO) GOOGLE Keyword Planner GOOGLE Trends UberSuggest Yoast Suggest Answer The Public
  18. 18. Website HELP Traffic (SEO) Google Keyword Planner
  19. 19. Google Keyword Planner /tools/keyword-planner/
  20. 20. Google Ranking Issues When did you last do a website checkup? Make sure your Website is SEO Friendly Bot
  21. 21. Google Ranking Issues Google bots looking for Websites to index Quick speed – Optimized Graphics SSL certificates No broken links – 404s Right keyword phrases – minimum competition Fresh consistent content with new keywords (blogs) Make sure your Website is SEO Friendly
  22. 22. Mini Audit of Your Website Make sure your Website is SEO Friendly SEO AUDIT WEBSITE GRADER Pass Fail
  23. 23. Take Away Lessons  Look at the bigger picture  Target the right avatar  Best social media platforms  Build that email list  Valuable lead magnet  SEO friendly website  Right traffic to website
  24. 24. Launch4Life We coach small business owner professionals to get the right traffic to their websites. Goal is to convert to sales. Visit us at Launch4life We are your go to team for a Real SEO Audit Janet Elie and Gillian Whitney 480-788-6366