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Mobile-friendly websites - are they worth all the fuss?


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Having a mobile-friendly website is like having a wheel for your bicycle - you just can't do without it. Discover why, and find easy tips on how to audit, update and get your website and content fully mobile-proof.

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Mobile-friendly websites - are they worth all the fuss?

  1. 1. Mobile-Friendly Websites - What’s All The Fuss About? @givory
  2. 2. It’s the age of mobile, and your customers expect a GREAT mobile experience
  3. 3. Consider This…. More Google searches now take place on mobiles than on computers in 10 countries, including the US and Japan (Source: Google, May 2015)
  4. 4. Consider This…. 75% of users carry out product research on their mobile devices
  5. 5. Consider This…. In 2014 there was a 28% increase in mobile commerce
  6. 6. Consider This…. 44% of mobile phone owners sleep with their phones next to their bed so they don’t miss a message, call, or update
  7. 7. So with this in mind, Google recently decided to get Mobile- Serious!
  8. 8. On April 21st, it released its mobile algorithm “Mobilegeddon” - to much awe and anticipation
  9. 9. What’s The New Google Mobile Algorithm About? Google is trying to ensure that when users search for a term online, the results they are presented with are for sites that are “optimised for their devices”
  10. 10. Which means that sites which are not mobile- friendly may now rank lower (appear further down) in the mobile search results pages
  11. 11. For Example…. Pizza Pat has a non-friendly mobile site. A customer googles: “Dublin pizza”
  12. 12. For Example…. Pizza Pat has a non-friendly mobile site. A customer googles: “Dublin pizza” PizzaPat appears at #5 on desktop search results
  13. 13. For Example…. Pizza Pat has a non-friendly mobile site. A customer googles: “Dublin pizza” PizzaPat appears at #5 on desktop search results But on smartphone search, Pizza Pat ranks only #15
  14. 14. What’s ‘Mobile-Friendly’? Google has been specific. A mobile-friendly site: Sizes content to the screen (without zooming or rolling across) Avoids software not common to mobile devices e.g. Flash Places links far enough apart so the correct one can be easily tapped Uses text readable without zooming
  15. 15. How Do I Know If My Site Is Or Isn’t? Google has made it simple, providing a tool for testing whether your site is mobile-friendly It’s a pass or fail only, there’s no in between!
  16. 16. What Doesn't Pass?
  17. 17. The Tool Gives Tips For Improvements
  18. 18. What Other Tools Can I Use? Though not specific to the new algorithm, page speed is also a ranking factor. The Google PageSpeed Insights tool will test this one for you!
  19. 19. Top Tip At Mobile Test Me you can also see what your website looks like across a range of mobile and tablet devices
  20. 20. Let’s Get A Few Things Straight
  21. 21. The algorithm changes apply only to search results on smartphones, not tablets
  22. 22. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it won’t be delisted on mobile search results, but will possibly appear at a lower page ranking
  23. 23. Changes apply to organic search results only, not to Adwords (paid advertising)
  24. 24. It applies on a page by page basis, so a mobile-friendly product page may still rank high, while a non-friendly home page may not
  25. 25. What’s The Impact Of ‘Mobilegeddon’ So Far? Figures from previous algorithms show ‘Panda’ hit 12% of searches in the UK
  26. 26. The ‘Penguin’ update affected about 4% of searches globally
  27. 27. But Mobilegeddon……this was expected to be HUGE
  28. 28. It’s been more of a bang than an explosion So Far…….
  29. 29. BUT….it could be a slow roll out, so that may change
  30. 30. Because Google hyped the update in advance, many sites had already been made mobile-friendly
  31. 31. And big brand losers since April 21st have included Reddit, NBC Sports and Vogue
  32. 32. Slower to upgrade, it’s likely that SME’s will take the fall
  33. 33. So how do we get mobile-friendly?
  34. 34. Make text a minimum of 12px to be easily read
  35. 35. Make clickable buttons a minimum 7mm height/width and place them far enough apart
  36. 36. all audio and video content is playable (avoid flash) images are alt-tagged images are closely cropped so detail shows on smaller screens pages load quickly no fautly re-directs Make Sure..
  37. 37. See Google for more information on common mistakes
  38. 38. But there’s more
  39. 39. Depending on what type of site (or CMS) you have, you can choose a theme that’s responsive
  40. 40. dynamically resizes to fit the width of the device or browser it’s being displayed on
  41. 41. Both Wordpress and Drupal also have plugins that will make your site mobile friendly
  42. 42. But if you have a custom- built CMS or a static site, you’ll need a developer to make changes for you
  43. 43. There are 3 different types of mobile sites, for more info visit Google’s developer pages
  44. 44. Remember
  45. 45. While mobile-friendliness is important Remember
  46. 46. and its relevance to a search query, IS STILL KEY
  47. 47. and there are good ways and bad ways of writing for mobile
  48. 48. Reading on mobile requires more concentration, so bear a few tips in mind
  49. 49. Use short paragraphs, the ‘one thought one paragraph’ principle applies Cut out the unnecessary. It’s not about reducing the length of copy, but it must be concise Load important information up front, like a Call To Action button Condense your titles
  50. 50. As I said…let them eat static!
  51. 51. For advice on going mobile-friendly contact twitter: @givory