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  1. 1. Gillian Guthro’sSocial Media Resume
  2. 2. Basic Info Name: Gillian P. Guthro Date Of Birth: December 1st 1993 St. Bernadette Elementary CS (1997 – 2008) Archbishop Denis O’Connor CHS (2008- 2011) Durham College ( 2011 – 2015)
  3. 3. Summary • My name is Gillian Guthro. I am eight-teen years old and I live in Ajax, Ont.• I have completed elementary and high school as well as currently go to Durham College for General Arts and Science. • Next year I have applied for Horticulture Technician and hope to pursue a career further in that field.
  4. 4. Experience• I am very computer literate. I know how tooperate on such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and Flickr. When it comes to computer programs I know how to work with Photoshop, Illustator, Flash, Word, Excel and Powerpoint.• In the past I have done volunteer work that includes organizing things such as boxes and shelves.
  5. 5. LinkedIn – You can find me on LinkedIn at:•
  6. 6. LinkedIn• The use of LinkedIn showcases my social media skills because it shows some of the skills that I have on the computer as well as some of the social media websites that I have and use. You use this tool by signing up and creating a profile following that. While working on the profile it is very easy to add things in such as jobs, experience, or social media websites that you may have. It is basically a resume that some people seeking a job may try and use as well as potential employers could possibly end up looking at.
  7. 7. Blogger My blogs can be found at:•
  8. 8. Blogger• The use of blogger showcases my social media skills because it shows that I am current with social media, as well as know how to share my ideas, thoughts and concerns through it. You use this tool by first creating a profile after signing up with a Google or Youtube account. You are then able to able to go to New Blog and create a blog on whatever you please.
  9. 9. Flickr •
  10. 10. Flickr• The use of Flickr showcases my social media skills because it shows that i am able to join and connect with other groups. It also showcases my skills in photography which could potentially lead to doing photography or graphic design for a social media site. To use this, you must first sign up. Then, you createyour profile. If you have any photos then you’re able to add them into galleries or add them onto your profilefor people to see. By looking at the top, you can easily find groups. Clicking on this will bring you to the pagewhere it explains how they work and you are then able to join one.
  11. 11. Facebook My Facebook page can be found at :•
  12. 12. Facebook• The use of Facebook showcases my social media skills because it shows various things I am able to do. It shows that I am able to find, share and connect with people through-out Facebook in various ways such as through groups, events or discussions. It also shows that I can create events and other ways to connect socially. Also, it shows some of my skills in picture form. Before using it you have to sign up which is free. After this you create your profile and you are then able to connect to your friends, family, co-workers as well as groups or events that you might be interested in.