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The Distributed Cloud: Latest Developments and Perspectives


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Talk given at the European Ethereum Developper Conference EDCON Paris 2017

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The Distributed Cloud: Latest Developments and Perspectives

  1. 1. Gilles Fedak (
 The Distributed Cloud: Latest Developments and Perspectives
  2. 2. The Crew Founders Gilles Haiwu Scientists Mircea Oleg CathyEster Beijing Office Jose Mehdi Heithem Hamid Core Developers Marketing & Community Jorge
  3. 3. Global Market for Computing Resources Low cost, Secure and Scalable Decentralized Cloud • Market Network based on the Ethereum blockchain • Computing resources are advertized through smart contracts deployed on the blockchain • Applications/users can provision resources directly from the blockchain • Applications/data/servers • Blockchain provides • Decentralized market place (no trusted authority) • Transparency, traceability, security
  4. 4. For which Applications ? • Blockchain-based Distributed Application (Dapps) – provides access to off-chain computing resources: • servers (CPU & GPU), applications, data-sets • Legacy applications – High Performance Computing (HPC), Big Data • Simulations, 3D rendering, bio-medical research, analytics, machine learning, finance, business intelligence scientific computing, etc… • Emerging distributed applications – when the centralized Cloud become a bottleneck ! • IoT + Big Data, Fog/EDGE Computing, micro-services, distributed machine learning, ambiant IA, VR,, and more…
  5. 5. The Distributed Cloud Toward Ultra scalable system : Perf., cost, energy, trust GFlops Ultra-Scalable System: Performance, Cost, Power, Trust, … Watts Energy Positive Worker Distributed Data Centers GPU Mining Farm
  6. 6. Origin of the Technology :
 Desktop Grid Computing Using Idle PCs on the Internet to Execute Parallel Applications : • Mature technology • Advanced features: security, virtualization, QoS • Many applications : Finance, Bio-medical, Chemistry, High Energy Physics etc… • European Desktop Grid Infrastructure • Volunteer Computing XtremWeb-HEP • Grid & Cloud • Highly secure • Virtualization • Hybrid public/private Infrastructure
  7. 7. Proof-of-Concept
  8. 8. Generation of Vanity Bitcoin Address • Bitcoin address that starts with a specified pattern – too intensive to run on-chain, trivial parallelism –same pattern for many crypto related issues: • altcoin relay, homomorphic computing, zk-snarks, etc… • RLC Token: fully ERC20 compliant + Safe Math 1SFYLchkShTD5DSDRYdr92e……. DApp RLC Faucetuser Ethereum Faucet SC Token SC Spender Allowance Priv/pub key vanity pattern Vanity + Pub/priv Vanity Task SC Off-chain Worker provisioning &parallel task execution
  9. 9. Other Applications • Legacy scientific applications: •Dart: Distributed Audio Analysis and Music Information Retrieval. •Dsp:Digital Signal Processing, Univ. Westminster •Fusion (ISDEP): simulation of aplasma in ITER tokamak •Guineapigpp: simulation of beam-beam interactions in high energy e+e- colliders. •Bnbbs: heuristic optimization algorithms for solving global optimization problems • New Dapps • Vanitygen: Bitcoin address generation • FFMPEG : video conversion • Stockfish: chess engine
  10. 10. TestBed Testbed Network Stimergy: install 10 to 100kW server rooms in buildings and coupling them with their heating system to valorise the heat generated by computers while getting rid of air conditionners Testbed for scalability & reliability : •Grid5000 infrastructure for research in computer science • one worker/core • up to 3.000 worker pool
  11. 11. Roadmap Conclusion distributed cloud : • allows blockchain-based application to access off-chain computing resources • use the Ethereum to create a market network of computing resource White paper/Token release • join our slack ! Greener & Smarter Cloud Computing