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Gazebo Canopy 10 X 10.pdf


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Gazebo Canopy 10 X 10.pdf

  1. 1. Garden LawnmowerGardening and Landscaping at Your Fingertips Home Privacy Policy Contact Garden Landscaping Design Video RSS Gazebo Canopy 10 X 10 Posted on February 8, 2012 by Mr.Green | Edit 12 comments Leave a comment New Sand Color 16 Oversized Sun Shade Sail Shade canopy Sun Shelter Product Type: Home Click Here for more details Sale Price: $49.95 Average Rating: Usually ships in 1-2 business days Description You... Features Blocks 89-92% of UV Reduces the temperature under the shade Easy to install Made of Heavy-Duty Polyproplyene Includes steel D-rings in each corner Building A Bamboo Gazebo There are many ways to add on to a home that can be reasonably cost effective. Adding to the outside of a home with eye catching changes can add value to a home. Adding a gazebo to a backyard can make a statement that stands on its own. If it is built correctly and looks good, it can become a place where the family spends a lot of time. There are many different styles of gazebos that can be built. One type of gazebo that would look great in a back yard is a bamboo gazebo. A bamboo gazebo will stand out and be unique in a neighborhood filled with the same color and shape gazebos. Most home owners will have no idea of how to build a bamboo gazebo. There are a few kits available to the owner and this may be a way to go. The owner will want something that is well built and will last years. Building a bamboo gazebo may not work well in high wind areas or where there is a lot of snow. The homeowner will need to ask questions in order to make a decision. No one wants to spend a lot of money on a bamboo gazebo and pay someone else to build it and not have it last or fall apart. Things To Watch For When a person thinks that they want a bamboo gazebo, they should really consider why. Bamboo gazebos are not frequently built in many areas of the country. The owner may not even be able to find a builder that knows how to put it together. If the builder says that they have built one before, ask to see it and talk with the other homeowner to make sure everything is okay. Also make sure that the owner has a contract that is binding so that they wont just leave in the middle of construction. Some people may think that this is a little harsh, but it can save the homeowner a lot of headaches and money. Everyone wants to believe that people are trustworthy, but the person building the bamboo gazebo could walk away for many different reasons. They may have built it wrong and dont want to spend the time or the money to make it right. Always make sure to get a copy of the builders license and bond agreement and workers comp insurance. All of this keeps the builder honest and it keeps the owner from having a major problem. About the author:
  2. 2. Source: Categories: Gazebo | Tags: garden canopy 10 x 10, gazebo awning 10 x 10, gazebo canopy 10 x 10, gazebo tent 10 x 10, replacement canopy 10 x 10 Grasshopper Mowers Prices Hanging Solar Light12 Responses to “Gazebo Canopy 10 X 10” Queen Powerpuff [thinks ur cute] Reply February 15, 2012 at 1:03 am (Edit) My gazebo didn’t come with directions…What should I do? There are many pieces to the gazebo. Its a Wilson & Fisher 10 x 10 ft. Wicker Gazebo (came in a box). The store (Big Lots) is closed today and I’d really like it to be up by time my guests arrive for my annual Easter gathering. The part that I’m stuck on: The poles are all attached to make the canopy or the top of the gazebo. There’s one single piece that connects them all…The poles have letters on the ends but the single piece does not. ANY ANY ANY ANY help is greatly appreciated and greatly NEEDED! Thanks a million! =] x DIY Doc Reply February 26, 2012 at 9:27 am (Edit) Though it may be too late now, I did a general search for the brand name and it seems Big Lots has all their stock in various sizes. If you’ve already figured it out, you might add that detail. The canopy, bing canvas or cotton duck perhaps should have sleeves (Rod Pockets) The rods may be tapered at one end, slipping together tor form the 10 ft. There should be at least 4 of some type of connector in the package that should allow the canopy support rods to connect with whatever the Leg Rods are. If the roof is peaked it may also have rod pockest and a center connect device as well as other connectors that support the roof to the canopy frame, or again to a multi socket corner connector that allows multiple pipes to be plugged into it. Without any pics, and/or the fact that no description for instructions to assemble seems available, it may also be that the company is out of business, hence Big Lots has the inventory. Steven Wolf Just my two “sense” Irene Reply February 22, 2012 at 10:50 am (Edit) Are there Canopies or Gazebos smaller than 10 x 10 ft. High? I want to buy a canopy or gazebo for my front patio to keep the sun out but my patio measures about 8ft wide and the 10 x 10 won’t fit. I was wondering if there are smaller ones or if any one else has another Idea for making shade other than an umbrella. It would really help if it was under 100$ or 150$ Jenny C Reply February 24, 2012 at 11:12 am (Edit) Hi, They have them here×8&tag=recommended0b- 20&index=garden&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325 Hope this helps.
  3. 3. Reply February 24, 2012 at 5:51 am (Edit)Looking for a pattern to sew a new canvas canopy for my 10 X 10 gazebo.?It’s getting too hard to find replacements and the metal on the newer ones is to light so if I could get a pattern to make a new 2 tiered top, I would be set for the summer. Costume Goddess Reply February 26, 2012 at 10:04 am (Edit) I like bushmas…’s answer if you want a copy of what you have now, but it sounds like you want something slightly different. Can you post photos of what you have and what you want on photobucket, or something? I could probably write you a formula, but I need to know exactly what you want and what dimensions you are working with. Is it actually a square gazebo as it sounds, or is it a hexagonal or octagonal gazebo, or another shape? Is it taller in the center and slopes downward to the sides, like a roof? If so, how tall does the canopy have to be? (ex: “4 feet total height” or “walls are 8 ft. high but I want it 10 ft. high at the center.) If you want 2 tiers, is the bottom tier open in the center so that you can see both tiers from underneath, or not? What kind of support structure do you plan for the canopy to sit on? When you talk about “the metal” are you referring to the circular grommets that are used to tie or hook the canopy in place, or other metal? You are welcome to e-mail me if you would like. tom92117 Reply February 26, 2012 at 9:37 am (Edit)Shopping at SAS Fabrics on Indian School Rd. in Phx. Would like some info please?I’m trying to re-make my canopy for a 10 x 10 gazebo that was obliterated by the monsoon winds. It takes about 13 yards of material and places like JoAnn’s Fabrics chargearound $14 per yard for tan polyester. That can be quite expensive.I have heard about a place on Indian School Road called SAS Fabrics that advertises material for $1.00 per yard. But before I drive 40 miles I would like to hear from otherswho have shopped there. Do they have large bolts of material or is everything in small pieces? Is the place organized or will I have to spend hours rummaging throughheaps of material? I tried calling them but the phone person has an accent and is difficult to communicate with. So can anyone else in Phoenix help me out?The place is on Indian School Road and is around 12th-16th street.Also I do not want to buy a complete replacement canopy because they use velcro to attach to the frame. The velcro is sewn directly to the parent material and in high windsthey tear very easily. I’ve created a new design which is much sturdier and will last 10 times longer. seabreeze951 Reply February 26, 2012 at 7:43 pm (Edit) I went to SAS on Indian School Road today…1st time. They had some cheap prices on a lot of fabric, buttons, zippers, wedding dodads, thread, etc. You had to really pick through the fabric to find lots of yards of the same fabric @ the $1-$2 range. The rolls and bolts with more fabric had higher prices but still cheaper than say a JoAnns. The sign outside said Air Conditioned but inside were the swamp coolers. When I called to get directions the lady on the phone was pleasant enough and the lady who helped us when we got there was pleasant enough also. All in all, I would go back to look for specials. Hope this helps. Chess L Reply February 27, 2012 at 12:45 am (Edit)How do I build a backyard shelter for the patio?I don’t want an octagonal or hexagonal gazebo. I just need to make a square shelter. No walls needed. Or, I could use a square gazebo. Something simple and to keep thesun and rain off.If you know of any websites or books/videos than would be helpful on this specific topic, please let me know.It seems to me that it would be very simple to do. Kind of like a canopy bed, but without the bed, and, with an angled canopy/roof so that the rain will run off. But, if there’s atried-and-true way to do it, I would appreciate the info.The section of the patio that I want to cover is 10′ x 10′. I will make it out of cedar.Thanks eskie lover Reply February 27, 2012 at 10:44 am (Edit) We built ours using a Sunset book that is sold at the Lowes, Perogals, Patio Covers and Gazebos. It gives very detailed instructions and material lists for a wide variety of different patio covers. We actually combined the plans of two different designs to meet our needs and it was very simple to build, but it took this husband and wife team a few more days to complete the project than the book indicated. John R Reply February 27, 2012 at 3:42 pm (Edit)My home made auto paintshop in progress?These are the Items I have in my Cart:1 280-1VGA 2-3/4″ x 17-1/2″ Air Inline Sander 29.99 29.991 43764-6VGA Oil/Water Separator 5.99 5.99
  4. 4. 1 66263-2VGA 1/4″ Industrial Push Button Air Coupler 2.99 2.99 2 66439-2VGA 1000 Watt Twin Lamp Halogen Floodlight 34.99 69.98 1 66554-0VGA P95 Maintenance-Free Dual Cartridge Respirator 17.99 17.99 1 90115-0VGA Jitterbug Orbital Air Sander 24.99 24.99 1 90288-0VGA 6″ Dual Action Air Sander 29.99 29.99 1 90909-3VGA Coated Rubber Grip Gloves, Medium 1.99 1.99 2 97762-2VGA 8″ Portable Ventilator 79.99 159.98 1 98946-0VGA 14 Piece Air Tool Accessory Kit 10.99 10.99 1 99925-1VGA 3.5 HP, 25 Gallon, 125 PSI Air Compressor 249.99 249.99 1 $6.67 Paint Suit 1 26×13′ Party Wedding Tent Carport Garage Canopy Gazebo $365.99[Paint area..idk if this will be good or not, what you think?] 1 K-BLOCK KIT W/ 9, 16, 24″ $69.96 1 3 HVLP GUN KIT DEVILBISSPRIMER/CLEAR/TOUCH-UP$199.99 Am I missing anything or have stuff I don’t need? Please help. I live in the country..theres no1 close enough to matter btw this isn’t going to be a shop as in i charge other people.. this is a PERSONAL shop..where i paint my own cars and maybe a friend or two’s ken k Reply February 28, 2012 at 4:32 am (Edit) missing talent and real experience/painting in that atmosphere will not excite the neighbors and will not get along with the town rules/you are using 1960 technology /modern paintbooths cost around 400grand to pass the pollution rulesLeave a ReplyLogged in as Mr.Green. Log out? Post Comment (Ctrl + Enter)© Garden Lawnmower. Proudly Powered by WordPress | Nest Theme by YChong