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Credentials Eden Scott April 2009


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Credentials Eden Scott April 2009

  1. 1. Welcome <br />to Eden Scott<br />
  2. 2. Who we are<br /><ul><li> Eden Scott was formed in 2003 by three director-level recruitment professionals
  3. 3. Following an impressive start-up period, we are now one of Scotland’s leading recruitment consultancies
  4. 4. Growth has been achieved through corporate and personal reputation and delivery
  5. 5. As an independent company with offices in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh, we have local decision makers
  6. 6. We recruit both permanent and temporary/contract positions, from entry level staff to board level
  7. 7. Our clients range from major PLCs to SMEs across a broad range of sectors
  8. 8. Our 40 experienced recruitment consultants take an honest, consultative approach, with a highly responsive mindset to deliver for clients and candidates
  9. 9. We are focused on building successful partnerships through dedicated account management</li></li></ul><li>What we do<br /><ul><li> Eden Scott offers permanent and temporary/contract recruitment solutions across a range of market sectors:
  10. 10. Accountancy and Finance
  11. 11. Business Support
  12. 12. Construction and Building
  13. 13. Energy and Environment
  14. 14. Executive Search and Selection
  15. 15. Financial Services
  16. 16. Human Resources and Learning Development
  17. 17. IT
  18. 18. Legal
  19. 19. Manufacturing and Technology
  20. 20. Public Sector
  21. 21. Sales & Marketing</li></li></ul><li>ChoicES<br /><ul><li> New, convenient package of recruitment services from Eden Scott:
  22. 22. Flexible: can be easily and quickly customised to your own budgets and needs
  23. 23. Cost effective, could save you time and money
  24. 24. Reliable, delivered by experienced professional recruitment consultants </li></ul>Advertising<br />Searches<br />Specification<br />Testing<br />Interviews<br />Screening<br />
  25. 25. CentrESAssessment Centre Design and Delivery<br /><ul><li> Streamlines the recruitment process for repeat vacancies demanding a similar skill set, ensuring consistency in the </li></ul> recruitment process while reducing the per head placement fee<br /><ul><li> For senior appointments, creates an additional element of competition while allowing candidates to display their skills and </li></ul> experience across a number of different exercises<br /><ul><li> Once the process is designed, it is then owned by the client and can be delivered by client employees, involving both hiring </li></ul> managers and HR<br /><ul><li> Reduces recruitment cycle times and ensures objectivity rather than subjectivity
  26. 26. The recruitment process fits the role </li></li></ul><li>Who we do it for<br /><ul><li> Just a selection of some of our clients</li></li></ul><li>Case studyExamples of completed assignments – 2008/09:<br />“<br />In my view if you are selecting a recruitment agency to work with there are a few key competencies to look for:<br />A willingness to take the time to understand both the candidate and client need; <br />A flexible approach and the desire to work in partnership, with the client and candidate, to ensure successful completion of the assignment; <br />A professional two way approach which provides the candidate with a fair and positive impression of the client and the client with an accurate picture of the candidates ability and fit for the role.<br />I believe that Eden Scott is an agency which consistently demonstrates these competencies and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to you, either as a provider or representative.<br />Ian M Drysdale<br />HR Director<br />The Glenmorangie Company<br /><ul><li> Distillery Manager, Elgin and Islay
  27. 27. Country House Hotel Manager, Tain
  28. 28. Corporate Communications Manager
  29. 29. Prestige Range Manager
  30. 30. Creative Services Manager
  31. 31. Personal Assistant
  32. 32. Accountant
  33. 33. Customer Liaison Executive
  34. 34. French Marketing Liaison Executive
  35. 35. Receptionist
  36. 36. Warehouse
  37. 37. Valet / Driver</li></ul>Additional Services:<br /><ul><li>Assessment Centre Design & Delivery
  38. 38. Ability Testing
  39. 39. Occupational Personality Questionnaires
  40. 40. Response Handling
  41. 41. Volume Campaign Management
  42. 42. Advert Design and Media Buying</li></ul>”<br />
  43. 43. What clients think of us<br />“When we required to fill both temporary and permanent vacancies we turned to Eden Scott as a well respected and efficient provider of recruitment services.<br />From first contact they provided a first class service and in fact managed to fill a role which due to our location had proved very difficult.<br />On the temporary role they quickly grasped the details of the brief and provided an excellent candidate.<br />We are delighted with the service provided by Eden Scott and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any organisation requiring the services of an efficient and effective recruitment organisation.”<br />“When we needed a person with a unique blend of skills to fill a challenging role within our organisation, we turned to Eden Scott for their experience and business like approach to filling this vacancy.<br />We were impressed with the efficient service and attention to detail. They listened to what we had to say, pre selected the candidates for interview, and briefed them properly about what we were looking for in this role. <br />We felt that we got the right candidate in post within our extremely tight timescale; this would not have been possible without the professionalism and experience of Eden Scott.” <br />
  44. 44. What candidates think of us<br />“I was very impressed with Eden Scott during the time I dealt with them.  They informed me of all the vacancies they had that suited what I was looking for and were very efficient in their follow-up to potential employers. They were very encouraging and helpful when it came to interview and gave useful hints and tips that helped me secure my new job.<br /> Eden Scott has been the most professional recruitment agent I have worked with and I would recommend them to others in the future.”<br />“The factor that differentiated Eden Scott from other similar organisations was their ability to interface an exceptionally detailed understanding of the specific job requirements and the prevailing corporate culture within the client company against the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate which in my own case delivered a very focused and shortened interview process.<br />From start to finish they handled the matter with the correct balance of professionalism and commercial acumen ensuring the best possible outcome for all parties.<br />I would be delighted to recommend Eden Scott .”<br />
  45. 45. What else we offer<br /><ul><li> We provide a range of complimentary market intelligence tools for our clients, candidates and contacts
  46. 46. Bi-monthly eZine covering some of the latest recruitment issues – sign-up free at
  47. 47. Regular seminars on the topical subjects of interest to our clients and candidates
  48. 48. Research surveys that assist our clients recruit the best employees and help candidates find the best opportunities</li></ul>e.g.<br /><ul><li>Candidate attraction in the public sector
  49. 49. Attracting and retaining marketing professionals
  50. 50. Greatest HR challenges
  51. 51. New employee checking procedures
  52. 52. The changing role of the PA
  53. 53. Black gold to green dollars: talent migration from oil & gas to renewable energy
  54. 54. Bi-monthly online opinion polls on a wide range of business, HR and recruitment issues
  55. 55. Visit our highly commended web site,, to find out more </li></li></ul><li>How to contact us<br />Edinburgh<br />26 St Andrew Square<br />Edinburgh<br />EH2 1AF<br />0131 550 1100<br />Glasgow<br />142 St Vincent Street<br />Glasgow<br />G2 5LA<br />0141 410 1000<br /><br />