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Registered managers in care do not grow on trees


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How to develop registered managers in the UK social care sector and leadership skills in the organisation

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Registered managers in care do not grow on trees

  1. 1. RegisteredManagers in Careservices do notgrow on treesGill BaileyLeadership & ManagementConsultant
  2. 2. Where do Registered Managers grow?In care organisations with a learning and development cultureIn recognised training courses delivered to care sector workforce standardsUnder the guidance and support of mentors and coaches
  3. 3. An ongoing, planned, learning and development process thatenables all your workers to expand and fulfil their potential
  4. 4. What are the key factors of a learning and development culture?• Management commitment to aligning• SMART business and learning objectives.• Planned performance management and constructive feedback building• Company and Personal Development Plans.• Planned development supporting alternative learning styles.• Encouraging ownership of self development
  5. 5. Where is Training Guidance available?
  6. 6. Recognised Registered Manager’s AwardThe (QCF) Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Leadership in Health Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services with• Adult Management, Residential and Advanced Management Pathways and• Children’s Services Management, Residential and Advanced Management Pathways.To complete guided learning for mandatory units plus specialist optional units and be assessed for competence and knowledge
  7. 7. One to one planned coaching and mentoring tosupport personal and business development
  8. 8. Using Coaches and Mentors• One to one support from a professional coach or mentor• Company in-house or external professionalMentoring – ‘where one individual acts as a positive role model and adviser to another, drawing on personal experience and facilitating improved performance, learning or development’ Supporting People Theme - Mentoring Guide 2004/2005Coaching - is ‘about self-awareness and personal confidence, about building leadership ability, and not just job knowledge. Not simply challenging people but encouraging people to challenge themselves’ ilm coaching survey, June 2011
  9. 9. Professional tutor led workshops, workbooks ande-learning development opportunities
  10. 10. Quality Leadership and Management TrainingLinQs ‘Turn Managers into Leaders’Clients include Social Care Employer Partnerships, FE Colleges and funding organisations, Small and medium sized care businesses NW Leadership Funding Approved Providers Skills for Care NW Leadership objective ‘Good Practice’ 2009
  11. 11.  To develop your RegisteredContact LinQs at (+44)1200 442482or visit LinQs website
  12. 12. Thank youPhotographs and references used in this presentation have been sourced from knowledge and freely open data on the internet.Every effort has been made to avoid using sensitive or licensed material.All information has been used to provide visual aid and reference for readers. Thank you for making the information available.