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Stop Being a Bad Manager


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Being a manager is not easy. It requires you to mobilize your team to achieve results while helping each employee maximize his or her potential. Management communications expert and professional speaker Gilda Bonanno explains how to avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes of the bad manager.

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Stop Being a Bad Manager

  1. 1. Stop being a bad manager by Gilda Bonanno
  2. 2. Stop punishingpeople for voicing their opinions
  3. 3. Stop throwing people under the bus
  4. 4. Stop making people work extra long and hard – on something you decide you don’t want anyway
  5. 5. Stop demoralizingpeople
  6. 6. Stop wasting money you don’t have to do something that doesn’t need to be done
  7. 7. Stop ignoring what your people do right
  8. 8. Stop taking creditfor others’ work and blaming them for your mistakes
  9. 9. Stop being an obstacle to getting things done
  10. 10. Stop demanding reports that no one reads
  11. 11. Stop changing your mind every five minutes
  12. 12. Stop fightingwith other managers
  13. 13. Stop crushingcreativity
  14. 14. Stop having meetings that have no purpose
  15. 15. Stop gossiping
  16. 16. Stop playing one-upmanship
  17. 17. Stop having meetings that have no purposeStop doing stupidthings
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