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How to Introduce Yourself Quickly


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At a networking event or company meeting, you sometimes have to introduce yourself quickly. Presentation skills coach and professional speaker Gilda Bonanno explains how to introduce yourself with confidence and ease so you can make a connection to your audience, whether it's one or one hundred people.

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How to Introduce Yourself Quickly

  1. 1. How to Introduce Yourself Quickly by Gilda Bonanno Presentation Skills Coach & Professional Speaker
  2. 2. Sometimes you have LESS than 60 seconds to introduce yourself
  3. 3. A QUICK introduction is NOT your “elevator speech” (an elevator speech is longer)
  4. 4. When do you need a QUICK introduction?
  5. 5. At some networking events, you stand and give a quick introduction: NAME & JOB or BUSINESS
  6. 6. Or when presenting to company executives, you give a quick introduction: NAME, ROLE, DEPARTMENT & LOCATION
  7. 7. A quick introduction sounds easy, but often people… stumble, fumble & mumble
  8. 8. Don’t waste the opportunity to make a good impression
  9. 9. Remember the following guidelines when doing a QUICK introduction
  10. 10. Prepare What will you say? (think about what matters to this audience)
  11. 11. Practice Out loud
  12. 12. Practice in front of the mirror
  13. 13. Practice saying your introduction without filler words… I mean… Kinda… Uh… Like really… I guess… Um… Ya know… Sorta …
  14. 14. Communicate Self-Confidence If you don’t communicate self- confidence, then how can the audience be confident about what you say?
  15. 15. How can you communicate self-confidence?
  16. 16. Speak loudly, slowly & clearly enough to be heard and understood
  17. 17. Remember, it’s the first time the audience is hearing your name Remember, it’s the first time the audience is hearing your name (though you’ve heard it all your life)
  18. 18. Smile Smiling helps you look relaxed & communicates warmth and sincerity
  19. 19. Make eye contact If you don’t have time to look at everyone - pick a few key people
  20. 20. Stand up straight Shoulders back, head up, weight evenly distributed on both feet
  21. 21. If you’re seated Sit up straight, keep hands on the table & feet firmly on the ground
  22. 22. These guidelines also apply if you’re introducing yourself to one person instead of a group
  23. 23. And here are more guidelines for introducing yourself to one person
  24. 24. Shake hands firmly while making eye contact & smiling
  25. 25. Listen to the other person’s introduction and comments
  26. 26. Focus on the person you’re introducing yourself to
  27. 27. Give your business card if asked - or ask permission to give it (and receive theirs respectfully)
  28. 28. Here are some examples of quick introductions
  29. 29. "Good morning. I'm Denise Wallace, the Customer Service Supervisor at the Dallas Call Center.” Example (within a company):
  30. 30. "Hello, I'm Xavier Boyd. I'm a sales representative covering Western Canada. I sell durable medical equipment like canes and wheelchairs.” Example (within a company):
  31. 31. "Good afternoon. I'm Andrew Milne. I own and operate Print Plus, a full- service print and copy store in White Plains.” Example (outside a company):
  32. 32. “Hi, I'm Amira Sen. I'm a tax consultant in Brooklyn specializing in small businesses.” Example (outside a company):
  33. 33. Follow these strategies to introduce yourself QUICKLY with confidence and clarity
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