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Duvdevan Association 2015


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Duvdevan Association 2015

  1. 1. Duvdevan Foundation 2015 Annual Report DUVDEVAN FOUNDATION
  2. 2. The Duvdevan Foundation was established in memory of Doron Hirshman z”l, a beloved officer and team commander in Duvdevan who died during his service in a diving accident at the age of 22. Doron’s soldiers meanttheworldtohimandhedideverything he could to look after them. The goal of the Duvdevan Foundation is to maintain Doron’s altruistic ideals and continue his legacy of taking care of the Duvdevan soldiers and graduates. It is our responsibility to give back to the brave young men who chose to risk their lives for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Our Vision Duvdevan is the spearhead of the IDF. Israel’s defense capabilities depend on the Unit’s unique skill set: entering hostile villages, blending into Arab society and capturing terrorists. Duvdevan is not only an elite unit in Israel, but one of the best units in the world; serving a fundamental role in protecting the Israeli nation from our enemies. We owe you thanks. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Hanukah Candle lighting, Duvdevan base 2015 Number of Operations Number of Terrorists Arrested 2013 156 217 2014 201 290 2015 249 405 Year in Review
  3. 3. Gilad Waldman Captain (Res) Duvdevan Foundation CEO To my fellow Duvdevan friends and family, as we move forward into 2016, I would like to take a few moments to reflect back on this past year of amazing successes. As evident by the number of growing participants and programs, the Duvdevan Foundation continues to build itself into an entity providing important and essential services for those individuals who risk their lives on a constant basis in order to protect our citizens and our right to exist as a Jewish state. I am honored and proud to invite you to read our 2015 Annual Report, but before you move on to the next page, I would like to personally thank our generous supporters, dedicated volunteers and our talented staff, without whom none of this would be possible. Lieutenant Colonel K’ Duvdevan Head Commander 2015 was a dramatic year for the Unit's operations against terrorism in Judea and Samaria, The West Bank. We operated by day and night to protect the residents and citizens of Israel, carrying the burden of the ongoing work on the operational front under the direct orders of the Central Command. During the last four months of 2015, we experienced first-hand the dramatic rise and threat of lone wolf terrorist attacks. We will continue working tirelessly to eliminate these threats in order to keep our home front safe and secure. On this occasion, I'm honored to express my sincere gratitude to all of our supporters for your ongoing support throughout the entire year. Your generous loyalty helps us to focus on our missions, to improve the quality of our service; it also gives each individual blessing that they are in your hearts.
  4. 4. Father of fallen soldier sharing his son’s legacy with his grandchildren at the dedication ceremony of the Duvdevan Memorial Room Assisting The Unit The active duty and training of Duvdevan is intense - dealing with stressful situations, facing danger on a daily basis, and confronting emotional instability. The Duvdevan Foundation understands the level of intensity the soldiers face and helps them cope with the situation by assisting them in the following projects: Beautification and Infrastructure • Memorial Room • Renovation of Soldiers Barracks • Parents Sitting Area + Bathroom • Memorial Tree Grove • 2 Recreational Centers Cost: $462,840 Duvdevan Memorial Room donated by Mr. Baruch Scheinberg in Memory of our fallen soldiers who gave their lives to protect the state of Israel
  5. 5. Financial Support • 70 Underprivileged Soldiers Assisted • 28 Grocery Vouchers Granted to Lone Soldiers Before Rosh-Hashanah Cost: $24,736 Emotional Support 2015 Grants: • 200 Operational Watches to Soldiers at Graduation Ceremony • 80 Special Edition Operational Watches to Officers and Commanders • 225 Duvdevan Backpacks Given to Released Soldiers Cost: $78,802 Assisting The Unit
  6. 6. Alumni Projects & Accomplishments Membership Club In January of 2015, the Duvdevan Foundation announced that all alumni have the option of joining our Membership Club. Participation in the Club provides Duvdevan alumni with benefits regarding the mentorship program, application to scholarships, access to the Duvdevan Alumni Network and a vast array of resources. The Membership Club has a minimal yearly fee ($25 - $55) designed to cover the Foundation’s overhead costs and encourage a level of commitment among our alumni. As our foundation grows and our expenditures increase, the Membership Club fees provide us the opportunity of covering our own operational expenses while maintaining our core value – 1200 Subscribed Members 2015 $31,954 Total Income from Membership Project $5,395 Cost to Implement Project a minimum of 90% of all donations go directly to Duvdevan soldiers and alumni.
  7. 7. Scholarships The Duvdevan Scholarship Fund, in partnership with the “Heseg” Foundation, CZCA, and the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University, grant academic scholarships to Duvdevan alumni. Scholarships are granted based on financial need and excellence during army service. As part of the scholarship requirements, recipients must complete 130 hours of volunteer work in the community. Currently, we partner with 9 nonprofit organizations providing Duvdevan veterans as volunteers: Big Brothers Big Sisters/Israel - Assisting girls and boys growing up in single-parent families Acharal – Develops young leadership and promotes social involvement among youths from the projects Value Sports - Strengthens the values of Israeli society by teaching youth sportsmanship, ethics and character building Yuzhar - A program to assist drug addicts Fighters Beyond Borders – Connects released soldiers traveling abroad with volunteer opportunities in 3rd world countries Atid Plus – Operates Technology education centers which focus on S.T.E.M education for underprivileged kids and teenagers in Israel Explain-Nation – Provides information and explanations for Israeli citizens as resources in dealing with Israel’s image Elem – Assisting youth at risk and in distress Misrad Habitachon – A government organization providing old age assistance Rami Kleinmann President & CEO, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University By providing scholarships, we are leveraging the outstanding human capacity not only for the IDF but for the entire state of Israel for generations to come. Each Duvdevan soldier is a potential leader that can continue to serve and contribute to the state, the Jewish people and the entire world through a variety of disciplines. Our duty is to help place the soldiers on the right track to success and there is no more meaningful way than by providing them with an academic education. 120 Applications 43 New Scholarships Granted 95 Scholarships in Total (cumulative) 12,350 Hours of Volunteer Work Accomplished $236,070 Project cost Alumni Projects & Accomplishments
  8. 8. New Path Program The transition from soldier to civilian is one of the most complex junctions for soldiers. During this period, which is fraught with much confusion and a feeling of emptiness, many dilemmas arise concerning the future. This is why we established the New Path Program – a program to provide the newly released soldiers with the tools to help ease their transition back to civilian life and start their new path. Mentorship Program This empowerment program, in partnership with the CZCA, is designed for Duvdevan alumni who are in need of guidance before making a big life and/or career decision. The Mentorship Program is a year long program matching selected Duvdevan alumni with Israeli leading figures from a variety of fields and professional backgrounds, such as educational entrepreneurship, technology, economics and more. Each mentor is carefully chosen to provide the selected alumni specific guidance based on their career needs and personal development. Alumni Projects & Accomplishments 15 Mentorship Positions 100 Program Applicants 40 Specialized Mentorship Meeting $30,303 Project Cost Kenny Mandelbaum Metrowest Community, NJ The soldiers of Duvdevan are on the front lines protecting Israel 24/7.  The pressure they are under during their service cannot be measured or fully appreciated.  The Jewish community of Metrowest supports the New Path Program to help them readjust to life after their incredible service to the State of Israel. Nadav Yishay Duvdevan Graduate, Founder and CEO of 3 Dearms Participating in the Mentorship Program helped me regain self- confidence in the choices and paths I should choose as a civilian. I was paired with a mentor who provided advice and guidance regarding my new career. I am grateful to have been a part of this program which has greatly impacted my life. 3 Programs Implemented in 2015 $19,059 Project Cost
  9. 9. 2015 Events We organize events to preserve Duvdevan’s legacy – we do so by remembering the past and building the future. Below are the events we held in the past year. Thank you to the many generous Israeli service providers who helped us to minimize costs in coordination with these events. Duvdevan Annual 10k Modiin Race Cost: $1,893 Lone Soldiers Day Cost: $2,352 Remember the Fallen Hanukkah Candel lighting at the unit Annual Dinner with bereaved Families Flowers laid on every grave on every memorial ceremony Cost: $5,537 Work Fair 150 Employers | 1500 graduates Cost: $1,440 Intimate Talks with Industry Leaders Chemi Peres – CEO Pitango VC Ronen Maili – Chairman of Israel’s nightlife Organization Zvi Stepak – Founder and CEO, Meitav Dash Investment Avi Katz – Founder CEO, Cofix chain Free of cost Duvdevan Stair Race Free of cost The Town of Modiin thanks the Duvdevan Foundation for operating and organizing the Duvdevan Modiin race for the third consecutive year. Beyond the race itself, Duvdevan Foundation organizes activities with Modiin's residents in memory of Duvdevan's fallen soldiers; increasing the awareness of serving in the special forces and acting as roll models for the next generation of soldiers in our city. Haim Bibas Mayor of Modiin-Macabim-Reut
  10. 10. Cost & Expenses 2015 13.6% Memorial Project 1.2% Duvdevan Events, Networking & Membership 5.5% New Path & Mentorship Program 0.8% Travel and Fundraiser Expenses $6,784 2.9% Operating Expenses $25,728 26.5% Scholarship Fund $236,070 $121,326 $49,362 $11,080 49.5% Assisting the Unit $440,589 Total Expenses $890,939
  11. 11. Matan Yagel Army Service: March 2004 Occupation: Accountant KPMG Liron Kahana Army Service: March 1990 Occupation: Attorney & Partner MAMlaw Itamar Guaron | Chairman Army Service: March 1996 Occupation: CEO Portofino Investment Banking Idan Pundak Army Service: November 2000 Occupation: Homeland Security Shay David Army Service: January 1991 Occupation: Founder & CEO Klein’s Udi Weissman Army Service: April 1994 Occupation: Broker, Meitav Dash Roy Kahane Army Service: November 1994 Occupation: CEO KahaneABB Board Of Directors Audit Committee Matan Shchottig New Path Project Army Service: 2005 Occupation: Dental Student Hebrew University Yaron Sait Memorial Project Army Service: 2004 Occupation: Medical Student at Technion Amit Rotem Networking Program Army Service: 2007 Occupation: Electrical Engineering Student at TAU Etay Elmoalem Duvdevan Events Army Service 2008 Occupation: Mathematics Student at Hebrew University Nadav Yishai Mentorship Program Army Service: 2002 Occupation: Industrial Design at Hadasa College Tomer Levine Digital Marketing & Foreign Relations Army Service: 2008 Occupation: Film Student Anastasia Shalman Scholarship Program Army Service: 2010 Occupation: Internationa Relations Student Hebrew University Eitan Noiman Membership Program Army Service: 2007 Occupation: B.A Economics at Rishon School of Managment Gilad Waldman CEO Army Service: 2006 Occupation: Mechanical Engineering Student at TAU Ariel Rubin Executive Director Army Service: 2007 Occupation: Business Analyst Upround Ventures Yotam Bar Haim Executive Director Army Service: 2008 Occupation: Economics & Accounting Student at IDC Top Management Project Managers Duvdevan Foundation Structure
  12. 12. Looking Forward As the Duvdevan Foundation continues to advance in our vision to preserve and sustain our current projects, we would like to simultaneously encourage and ensure the development of future programs. Duvdevan Alumni Network / 2016 The alumni of the Duvdevan unit represent a vast array of fields and talents. The focus of this project is to create an organized system using an advanced networking platform to connect active duty or recently graduated soldiers with the talented alumni of Duvdevan. This will not only reunite and update Duvdevan graduates, but also provide an additional resource to those seeking potential business or job opportunities. Project Cost: $8,800 One Family / 2017 Most teams in Duvdevan are composed of soldiers from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds - Canadian, American, French, Russian, Ethiopian etc. These soldiers and their families face many difficulties in their transition to living in Israel such as adjusting to the culture, finding jobs, dealing with bureaucracy etc. The idea of this initiative is to assist soldiers and their families in the acclimation process of becoming Israeli citizens through emotional and/or financial support and utilizing the Duvdevan network to do so. Project Cost: $26,300
  13. 13. Projected 2016 Expenditures Scholarship Program $10,000 per scholarship $200,000 to fund class of 2017 Assisting the Unit (Lone Soldiers, Soldiers from disadvantaged families etc) $117,000 Duvdevan Gym Renovation $78,000 Memorial Project $76,000 Duvdevan Alumni Network $8,800 New Path Program $26,000 Mentorship Program $30,300 Duvdevan family Events, Races, Etc’ $2,650 Unexpected Costs $7,000
  14. 14. Feel free to contact us at: Partners & Accreditation Duvdevan Foundation is listed as a nonprofit under Israel’s non-profit authority (law 46). We are recognized by partner organizations that enable tax benefits to donors. The partner organizations are: American Friends of Libi – USA French Friends of Libi – France The Canadian Zionist Cultural Association (CZCA) - Canada